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Caesar's Palace Video Poker Cheats, Codes & Guides

Caesar's Palace Video Poker Hints

  • Get Lots of Cash

    1) Put in your New Name (You Should Start With $5000.00).
    2) Now hit DONE.
    3) Go To GAME/Sklansky's Poker Challenge/Sklansky's Double Hold'em Challenge.
    4) Go OPTIONS/Preferences...Hit QUARTER then OK.
    5) Go OPTIONS/Add Coins...Type 999 then OK.
    6) Play The Hand Dealt and ONLY that hand (don't worry if you win or lose).
    7) Go OPTIONS/Preferences...Hit $100.00 then OK.
    8) Now Hit "C" or CASH-OUT.
    And Watch Your Money Grow To $105,150.25 In One Turn!
    Repeat Steps 4-8...
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