Burnout Dominator review

  • Return of Burnout Chain
  • Loads of new tracks
  • Smooth as ever
  • Where's Crash mode?
  • Lots more of the same
  • Feels a bit smaller than past Burnouts
Throughout World Tour, you unlock new race tracks and events as ever, and, thankfully, the locations really are all new. The seven World Tour series’ are broken up by car class - not that cars ever feel different from each other in Burnout - with tours taking place around Japanese mountains, dockyards, the usual gleaming cities and the German Autobahn. There’s enough stuff to be looking at, plus the tracks feature more shortcuts and jumps than ever before. It runs smoothly too, although the angular cars and flimsy fly-away scenery are starting to look a little bit dated.

The multiplayer section is a bit hit-and-miss too. The miss part is no Crash mode and no online stuff. The latter of which you’d expect what with this being a “last generation” PS2 game, but the missing Crash mode? That’s a crime. Pad-passing high-score Crash games are a Burnout multiplayer legend, and it’s a shame a few haven’t been dreamed up for this new chapter.

There are also only seven series’ in the World Tour, and factor in the loss of Crash games and you’re left with a title that’s quite a bit smaller than the last Burnout. With no online racing, the multiplayer stuff is taken care of with a league system. Dominator lets you set up groups of up to four players, each racing an event and taking turns to rack up a score. There’s also a split-screen option, but four-player Takedown pad-passing tournaments are definitely the way to go.

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Available Platforms: PS2, PSP
Genre: Racing
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: EA GAMES, Criterion Games
Franchise: Burnout
ESRB Rating:


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