Burnout Dominator review

  • Return of Burnout Chain
  • Loads of new tracks
  • Smooth as ever
  • Where's Crash mode?
  • Lots more of the same
  • Feels a bit smaller than past Burnouts
Two new unlocking systems also make you pay a bit more attention to what’s happening. Instead of mindlessly plugging through, unlocking cars at random, each race now gives you a target to achieve. So if you want to unlock a new car, you have to perform a Takedown on it during a race to add it to your garage. Also, Signature Takedowns want you to smash enemy cars into certain lumps of scenery, breaking open new shortcuts. The changes, like the same-way car crashing, makes you pay a bit more attention to what’s happening out there on the road. Great tweaks.

There are a few new challenges to keep you interested as well. The biggest is the Maniac Mode, where you’re ranked according to how crazily you drive. The game ranks you on how long you’ve driven in the wrong lane, your Takedowns, the length of your drifts and so on. You have Near Miss challenges where points are scored by scraping the wing mirrors off cars as you pass them, specific Drift Challenges for holding down X and Square and pulling off those huge slides for points, plus you still race against Rivals in some events, giving you smarter cars to smash out of the way.

All of which contribute to the World Tour ranking and event unlocking system, which is about the same as ever. Winning races gets you points, meeting special criteria gets you bonus points, and your running total eventually unlocks a new race series when it passes through certain score barriers.

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Available Platforms: PS2, PSP
Genre: Racing
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: EA GAMES, Criterion Games
Franchise: Burnout
ESRB Rating:


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