Burnout Dominator - hands-on

From towering western metropolises complete with bustling freeways laced with danger, to picturesque Japanese B-roads at autumn time, Dominator is a visual feast that pushes every inch of remaining juice from PS2 and PSP (with the PSP’s handling feeling especially tuned and suited to the handheld). Not that you’ve ever got the time to sit back and drink it all in, since everything’s whizzing by at a superbly slick 60 frames per second.

Right now traffic placement seems a bit cynical at times, with some crashes almost unavoidable. It’s also hard, but perhaps that’s not a bad thing. Charging the boost also seems to take forever. Perhaps that’ll be straightened out in time for release.

So get ready for Burnout ’s final hurrah on current-gen, a rip-roaring Ferrari of a racer that’ll melt your eyeballs and singe your sinuses.


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