Burnout Dominator - hands-on

There’s also been a lot more focus on cars this time round. Whereas there were multi-story car parks full of slick rides to unlock in Revenge, besides varying top speeds and acceleration they all tended to handle almost identically. Now, there are six distinct categories, all which handle uniquely: Classic, Factory, Sports, Muscle, Hotrod and Supercar - each with its own class-leading Dominator model… if you’ve got the skills to unlock it.

Challenges have also been bumped up, so to earn cars you won’t just have to win gold medals but also pass specified challenges - such as performing a set number of chained drifts or takedowns along the way. Tearing up the World Tour also earns the titular Dominator points, which will unlock fresh events and series so they’ll always be something to keep you occupied.

Signature takedowns (remember the postcards?) have long been an integral part of Burnout ’s charm, but how about some new signature shortcuts? That’s right, taking down a rival in a specified portion of the course will open up a time-saving route that’ll enable you to shave precious seconds off your lap times. This new feature comes into its own with the new Score Sync system, which allows you to compare best race times via Wi-Fi (PSP) and memory card (PS2) and really ramp up the competitive spirit with your buddies.


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