Burger King unleashes obesity apocalypse

Is any game worth eating feces for?

You may be saying, "Be nice, GamesRadar. These games are only four bucks, and they're mildly entertaining." But what is the socioeconomic aftermath of kids spending hours absorbing marketing-tool software produced by a global fast-food juggernaut? Let's examine...

That's right, parents! With Sneak King, your impressionable youngster can actually become his favorite youth-targeted corporate mascot. He'll hide in garbage cans, pop out and hand grease-meals to passers-by. And he'll memorize the whole menu, 'cause sandwich names are plastered everywhere. It's more engrossing when you know you're not just serving some generic artery-clogging breakfast treat - no, it's an "Enormous Omelet Sandwich!"

Your boy will finally learn how to stalk- which he'll need to know how to do because no one will ever desire his man-boobs, and that's the only way he's going to sneak a glance at genuine female ones. Have it your way... while touching yourself in the bushes.

And this game is the good one...

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