Bungie hires former Red Dead Redemption dev to help populate its new game, Destiny

With the Halo franchise handed over to the apparently safe hands of 343 Industries, Bungie has been hard at work creating its next IP. It's called Destiny and very little is known about it. But, little by little, details are starting to emerge.

For starters, it's been announced that the game is going to be a sandbox title. That implies a GTA-style open world, but it sounds like it's going to be more like Red Dead Redemption. In fact, the team like Rockstar's Cowboy-em-up so much, they've hired Danny Bulla who worked on that game to 'fill your next sandbox'.

Bungie's official site features a mailbag response page, in which the team confirm of Danny: "He’s doing some amazing work and, so far, he hasn’t tried to lash any of us to a pair of railroad tracks."

The site also suggests that the game will feature sound effects that need an 'entire orchestra of artists' to create. It's going to be a noisy place.

Any guesses as to what the game will be like? It was formerly going by the codename 'Tiger', so perhaps we're looking at a jungle-em-up? Jungles are big, noisy places after all...

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