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Bumper Wars Hints

  • Evading Enemies

    This really isn't a code.On the level were you have a Balcony rode passing through a ring,when you get to the ring,slow down,and fall on thering. if you did it right, you should fall on the ring and your enemy should zoom right passed you!!!!!
    Submitted by Joey Szuma
  • More points

    Okay, To get more points you must use the cold laser and it will get you more points and its not very strong.
    Mini gun- Its is strong at close range but bad at long range.
    Mine- The mines stink, they get you no points and self destruct after a while.
    Rocket- The rocket will give you about 100 points pere rocket[If I were you I use Bulderdash or Godzila.]
    Submitted by None

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