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  • NickD - February 22, 2011 9:59 p.m.

    Cliffy B respects the developers of Killzone 3. He bought the game and made it public that he is a fan of games not just his own. But you arseholes on Gamesradar feel teh need to call out Killzone 3 at the end of your Bulletstorm review to say it's better than Killzone 3. What the **** has Killzone 3 got to do with Bulletstorm?. I am contacting Metacritic to get you removed, you are not credible, you are biased and anti Sony and your reviews cannot be trusted so have no place on Metacritic. You should be writing reviews on Amazon. That's all you're good for.
  • 510BrotherPanda - February 22, 2011 9:50 p.m.

    If only there was a Metroid Prime with the grapple-kick-shoot mechanic in it. Alas, I'm not sure Nintendo/Retro are willing to implement this anytime soon, what with the hyped-up 3DS euphoria buzz still going on.
  • NickD - February 22, 2011 9:23 p.m.

    Calling out Killzone 3 at the end of this retarded review is proof that you are anti PS3. Better than Killzone 3, worse than Gears of war 2. Lol do you know how fanboyish that makes you sound?. This place is beyond a joke and has zero credibility. It's a great hive of Xbox fanboys, that's all it is though. Why Metacritic allow this childish fanboy reviews to count on their site is beyond me. 10/10 for a five hour average campaign. Lol
  • IcelandMaelstrom - February 22, 2011 9:15 p.m.

    did not expect that. i never planned to pick this one up, but now it sounds pretty much essential. it's just too bad that it will cause me to start raping people
  • AGENTJORRRG - February 22, 2011 9:15 p.m.

    What the fuck is wrong with these people you put FIRST and SECOND like it's something important. Fucking imbeciles. Way to contribute to he discussion. Pricks. Anyway; My friend pre ordered it and we played it for a bit. I really, really don't like it. It's gotta be the single most repetitive thing I have played since tetris. Whip guy. Kick guy. Shoot guy. Something happens that's only cool once. move to next guy. Unfunny joke. Rinse. Repeat.
  • AlpineGuy - February 22, 2011 9:14 p.m.

    An FPS that actually *progresses* the genre? COUNT. ME. IN.
  • batmanboy11 - February 22, 2011 8:51 p.m.

    Can't wait for the game.
  • Fiirestorm21 - February 22, 2011 8:43 p.m.

    Pleasantly surprised to hear such glowing opinions about the game. Turns out most of my fears seem to be unfounded. I'm considering this a lot more now.
  • Spybreak8 - February 22, 2011 8:40 p.m.

    Awesome review here and man is it a bad time to be broke. Gah, Epic Games does it again.
  • NickD - February 22, 2011 8:36 p.m.

    Love how you have to slip in that it's better than Killzone 3. You guys can't help yourselves can you. Killzone 3 has a great multiplayer mode that makes it better than this off the bat. IGN seems to think this game is 8/10, and that fits in with what I'm hearing from others who are not raging Xbox fanboys who hate all PS3 exclusives. 10/10 my arse pal. get real
  • ItsBetterThanStickingYourCockInABlender - February 22, 2011 8:35 p.m.

    Great review Dave, thouroughly went through all of what the game has to offer, and i like it. just waiting for mine to arrive via amazon uk and i cant wait to get my grubby mitts on it!
  • Bobbysayhi - February 22, 2011 8:35 p.m.

    I'm probably getting this now.
  • g4m3rk1dd - February 22, 2011 8:31 p.m.

    "i played the demo and didn't like it. The combat is kind of weird, maybe I just didn't try hard enough but I felt pretty limited to whip, kick, shoot." clearly you didnt try hard enough :|
  • blakebeauchamp - February 22, 2011 8:21 p.m.

    Awesome, I was really hoping this would get a good review.
  • throwback8 - February 22, 2011 8:13 p.m.

    I picked Bulletstorm up along with Killzone 3 Helghast edition this morning and cannot wait to play them when my girlfriend heads home tonight. Since the first videos of Bulletstorm I knew it would be something special. Glad to hear it lived up to its premise.
  • taylornolfi - February 22, 2011 7:48 p.m.

    Sorry, But I'm waiting for duke, but I will definitely pick this one up later
  • FoxdenRacing - February 22, 2011 7:36 p.m.

    QWERTY: Unless you get killed, you weren't really 'playing it wrong'...but if those were the limits, you certainly weren't taking advantage of the game's potential, either. Bulletstorm isn't a game of survival, or even a game of's a game of creative sadism: Given the current mooks around, the current weapons you're holding, and the current set-pieces in the environment, what's the most outlandish, imaginative, twisted, gruesome way you can off that mook? Ultimately leashing, thumping, sliding, and kicking are just tools...ways to rearrange the battlefield to your liking before unleashing the creative carnage. It might take some time to do so, but give the demo another shot...if you can turn off any finely-honed modern FPS instincts in favor of 'what if I...' inane silliness, the game will truly shine.
  • QWERTYCommander - February 22, 2011 7:17 p.m.

    I didn't like the demo that much. It did feel like I was limited to kick, leash, shoot, and grenade. Maybe I wasn't playing it right. Oh well. Gonna have to wait to get it for my birthday since I'm not 17 yet. But I also want Vanquish too...
  • Cutter9792 - February 22, 2011 7:10 p.m.

    In the BLops comparison, shouldn't it be "core combaT?"
  • CitizenWolfie - February 22, 2011 7:01 p.m.

    I agree with TheLefty - the demo felt a bit random as to whether you were in the right spot to get a good kill and the humour seemed a bit forced. It reminded me of MadWorld a bit only with HD graphics. It was ok but the demo was enough for me really. Can't believe it got a 10 though. Duke Nukem 3D had a kick button years ago and I don't think Bulletstorm seemed THAT much more advanced IMO.

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Available Platforms: PS3, PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Shooter
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: People Can Fly, Epic Games
ESRB Rating:
Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol
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