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Bugdum Cheats

  • Restore heath and rolling power

    To restore heath press ~ F3 And rolling power
    Press ~F4.
    Submitted by sonic572+tails
  • Get Any Level

    On the start screen, when you press start , then quickly press and hold ~. then a screen will come up with all 10 levels.
    Submitted by DMA
  • Skip a Level

    To do this you press and hold ~ F1 and it will automatically jump to the next level.
    Submitted by DMA
  • Box Everything

    To Box Every Thing press ~ F9
    Submitted by Zack Herman
  • Beat the game

    To do this you press and hold ~F2 and you will see the video at the end of the game.
    Submitted by DMA
  • Free Master Key and Coins

    To do this cheat you press and hold ~F5 and you will get a master key to unlock all doors and coins to ride the water spider.
    Submitted by DMA

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