Brütal Legend

How? At the heart of Riggs' tale is not a quest, but a tour. As a roadie his job was to construct the arena experience, as a rock crusader it's to take that experience and use it as a battering ram. He does so by recruiting a following - from those he has liberated and those he has dazzled into submission. And so the headbangers you free from a mine (they were using the aforementioned banging to dislodge rocks from buried hot rod parts) join your traveling show to help 'convince' further metal-loving stereotypes into helping you.

And unlike in Psychonauts, where amazingly good ideas were sometimes hindered by occasionally shoddy platforming implementation, Brütal Legend looks to offer this madness on smoothly-controlled tap. A minion system not unlike Overlord's will help direct your army, with a dozen or so types waiting to fight by your side. With noble knights (of Cydonia) to your left and rabid moshers to your right, these are going to be battle scenes unlike anything you've seen before. The screenshots here can't do justice to BL's solid, chunky look. It officially rocks.

So, then. Lashed masses, the physical lashing of a fret board and lashings of humour to boot? It's Schafer and Black to a T. Come 2008, this is going to rrrraaaaaawwwwrkkkk like a (wolf) mother.

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  • Blade1006 - January 26, 2009 5:14 p.m.

    Looks like it's gonna (forgive the pun) rock out loud! Just really hoping it won't be rated M cause then I won't have the ability to truly express my inner feelings about ROCK until 2 years after this game comes out! ROCK ON!

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