Brütal Legend

Nope. You see, the rock gods have left this land, now torn apart by the demons they once evoked and pasty-faced denizens who probably dig the - shudder - emo sound. And so begins your journey, a free-roaming action adventure to see rock restored. And who better to do it than the real brains behind the rock concert - the humble roadie.

Viewing proceedings from a third-person perspective it would be easy to write off Brütal Legend as another free-roaming GTA clone, albeit one with an artistic wunderkind behind the steering wheel. Mission-based play sees you tear from objective to objective in your obscenely shiny hot rod, popping out to behead/halve/slash foes with your almighty Nordic axe or whipping out your guitar to nail a literally face-melting solo.

A man can lop heads off all day long, but heavy metal isn't there to be enforced by the threat of violence - it's about a vibe that feeds off consensual mass support. This is where we feel Brütal Legend's trump card truly lies. Where Guitar Hero champions the solo endeavor of string-tugging mastery - the physical feel for the tune - Legend goes instead for the harder-to-nail community feel of the experience.

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  • Blade1006 - January 26, 2009 5:14 p.m.

    Looks like it's gonna (forgive the pun) rock out loud! Just really hoping it won't be rated M cause then I won't have the ability to truly express my inner feelings about ROCK until 2 years after this game comes out! ROCK ON!

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