Bruckheimer developing Alien Legion

Jerry Bruckheimer's been quietly developing what he likely hopes is another big tentpole film - comic book series Alien Legion.

The latest update on the movie's progress through development hell comes via USA Today (handily linked by the team at FirstShowing), which focuses on the book's creator, Carl Potts and the fact that Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, the writing team behind Wanted and the A-Team film, are currently assigned to the latest draft.

The comic series' plot finds a disparate group of aliens recruited into an outer space version of the French Foreign Legion.

"Bruckheimer's never done a science-fiction before, so that challenge, I think, is something that would hold his interest," Potts tells the newspaper.

"The success they've had with blending CGI and live-action characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean series could translate easily to an Alien Legion film."

It's still a ways off, since it appears to be a tough nut to crack, but it also sounds like a fun concept…

[Source: USA Today via FirstShowing ]

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