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Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon Cheats, Codes & Guides

Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon Cheats

  • Get Invincibility

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    During Gameplay Press A, B, B, X, R, Black, click Right Analog-stick.
    Submitted by None
  • Get 999 Coins

    During Gameplay Press X, B, Black, Black, A, click Right Analog-stick, Left Analog-stick, press White.
    Submitted by None
  • Get 999 Tokens

    During Gameplay Press Y, B, A, X, Y, L, click Right Analog-stick, press Back
    Submitted by None
  • Get 9 Lives

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    During Gameplay Press White, click Right Analog-stick, Left Analog-stick, press Back, L, R, click Left Analog-stick.
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  • Bruce Challenges

    To unlock the challenges you must beat the game one time
    Submitted by JohnnyBoy959
  • Bruces Challenge

    Type X, Y, X, Y, X(2), Y, Y, click Left Analog Stick, Then Click Right Analog Stick, at the press start screen
    Submitted by Jeremy Chosie
  • Get Unlimited Token Power

    Get 999 dragon tokens
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock Hard Mode

    To unlock Hard Mode you must beat the game one time
    Submitted by None
  • Ultimate Rank

    How to do this is when you beat the game choose 'continue'. This will restart the game but you continue with your stats. You can repeat the process as many times you want. Try to see how far you can max your stats out. You could even max your hit damage to 1000%!
    Submitted by Kevin I.
  • Easier Beating

    If enemies are near you all attacking at the same time, crouch and hit them. It is more effective than standing and hitting them. When you fight against bosses this Strategy is easier. It is also easier to destroy enemies with Multiple Attacks, like the Multiple Kick, or the Multiple Punch.
    Submitted by Yathu
  • Advanced Battle Moves

    When locked on you can concentrate on one foe right? Well, if you move the right stick in different directions you can attack enemies around you in different directions depending on where you point the right stick. This can help you when you lock on and a few guy try to sneak up on you. Oh yea, ps. this is another great Bruce Lee Move, anybody tries to sneak up on you just give em' a backhand or elbow and send them to the floor. Another great Adv. Tactic is to run a good distance away from the battle (which is highly unlikely for Bruce Lee to do...) then lock on to the nearest enemy, run up to him and give him a flying kick or run a short distance away hold Block and after the attack tap the Kick button and Bruce Lee should do a very quick and strong kick. Also if you are already a good distance try these attacks. Also try blocking then after the foe attacks use a Counter or Throw Move and after he/she gets up use a Multiple Low Spin Kick and if he/she gets up ! use a combo or a fast power attack. When a foe is crouching using sweep attacks is a good idea also
    Submitted by Kevin I.
  • Using Dragon Tokens Efficiently

    message: Dragon Tokens are special tokens that boost power, speed (slightly), ability to break most blocks. In order to use them correctly, you have to time them right when they are all close to you, that way you don't waste precious time. It is also helpful against sub-bosses and the harder fighter guys (i.e red ninjas, guys with leadership coloring, big fat guys). It also helps to save a bunch during the boss fights where you will need them at times.
    Submitted by Kevin I.
  • Easy Dragon Tokens

    A good way of getting Dragon Tokens is by doing combos (i.e ->A A A B) which gives you double multipliers, and it also makes the enemies drop more tokens than usual and sometimes peices of the dragon. Another way to find Dragon Tokens is by finding boxes, fruit containers, barrels, chairs, and other destroyable objects, by kicking them, sometimes they will reveal all kinds of items.
    Submitted by Kevin I.
  • Hints During Battles

    In order to use Bruce Lee efficiently is by taking out the other enemies and then when they are stunned and knocked out, concentrate on one of them. When you have defeated him go back to the other enemies and use multiple enemy attacks such as Multiple Jump Kick, Multiple Hurricane Kick and Multiple Low Spin Kick. If you have trouble getting close to an enemy he/she might be backing up, so lock on to someone else ( I call this taking turns) it seems as though the enemies are taking turns, some of them back up and you see the others get close to you. In later levels though this dissappears and you deal with all of them at the same time. When it comes to sub-bosses and bosses use moves like Counters and Throws. Early in the game these attacks won't be available so always be prepared to block. !REMEMBER! I started the game accidentally on HARD and you have to constantly use the Block. On EASY on the other hand blocks are always helpful too considering that taking on nume!
    rous foes can chip away at your health meter. When fighting sub-bosses and bosses always use the block if you anticipate an attack. This will greatly help you to Counter and Throw when he/she is near you after a blocked attack. Using these strategies in unison with the Dragon Tokens can have devastating effects!
    Submitted by Kevin I.
  • Hints For Ranking Up

    This is a hint to help you rank up easier. Make sure to accumulate enough coins though. When rankings come up, get only attack boosters and health boosters. After 2 or three rank ups, learn at least 1 new move. Moves that will help you deal with multiple enemies is a great move. Get moves with multiples like hurricane kick, hook kick, jump kick, and low spin kick which greatly helps you. Multiples forward and backward fist spins you can get later. When you have ranked up higher like purple or dragon, moves like grabbing and countering you should get first. !REMEMBER! Always get all of the health and attack boosters possible in the current rank before moving in the next rank. Believe me these things really help... even though Mr. Lee is already a powerful fighter.
    Submitted by Kevin I.
  • Bruce Lee Classical Moves

    Entry location: This will be fun if you have time and want to mess around with Mr. Lee. When facing a single opponent, use cinema moves like the Dragon Punch and send them flying for a nice classical Bruce Lee move! Try this, use Fast Punches or Fast Kicks, then when he/she is on the ground use the Power Drive and there goes another classical Bruce Lee finisher. If you didn't know Dragon Punch is the variation of the One-Inch Punch which is a single very powerful backhand that sends you flying (depending on how long you hold the action), the Power Drive is when Bruce Lee hops up in the air and lands on the opponent, abdominal region or on neck region, and stomps (if on stomach) or crushes neck then snaps it (if on neck). These moves were some of the famous moves of Bruce Lee and can be fun to use when playing! It is also fun to try these in training mode! Popcorn anybody?
    Submitted by Kevin I.

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