Browse Liberty City in Google Street View

Google-Mapped GTAIV gets pedestrian-level imagery

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Some illusions aren't really worth disabusing people of. If you find life easier to live due to one or another benign, continued misapprehension, what harm does that do? So, for instance, if you enjoy persisting in the belief that Liberty City is a real place that can be visited by actual people – as opposed to a skillfully-generated direct-to-video version of NYC – what's the harm? In fact, hell, why not support that healthy delusion by browsing the city in Google Maps?'s already-extensive Liberty City map now boasts Google Street View functionality. As the map's running on Google-powered code, patching in Street View functionality was a simple matter of adding some 80,000 screenshots into the database, all of which were grabbed specifically for the purpose by the site's community (and yet perpetual-motion continues to go uninvented). It remains to be seen, though, whether Liberty City Street View will remain a useful tool for tracking down sniper rifles – or whether diligent reality-avoidance will yield sights as memorable as those available in Google's version of the app.

[Source: via GameSetWatch]

May 31, 2011