Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Cheats, Codes & Guides

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Cheats

  • Kilroy Warning

    SH2VYIVNZF - You will be given the warning message, "You are near a Kilroy" when you are near one.
    Submitted by Stampers
  • Unlock Reconnaissance Reports

    4V35JZHQD6 - Activate a Kilroy detector that will alert you when a Kilroy is nearby during gameplay.
    0ZNDRBICRA - Unlock all reconnaissance reports in the game.
    Submitted by Stampers
  • Cheats

    Entry location: Locate the DefaultInput.ini file in your install folder \SumacGame\Config folder. Using Notepad, change the following lines: <b>[Engine.Console] ConsoleKey= TypeKey= MaxScrollbackSize=1024 HistoryBot=-1</b> to: <b>[Engine.Console] ConsoleKey=TAB TypeKey=TAB MaxScrollbackSize=1024 HistoryBot=-1</b> While playing, press [TAB] to bring up the console. Type any of the following cheat codes. Please note that you may need to re-bind any functions that use the TAB key in-game for this method to work. When you run the game after modifying this file, the game may ask if you would like to update your DefaultInput.ini file. Chose <b>yes</b> or the cheats won't work.
    fly - Fly Mode
    allammo - Full Ammo
    god - God Mode
    ghost - No Clipping
    walk - Walk Mode
    Submitted by sdfsad
  • Easier Cheats

    Entry location: Enter these in the "Enter Codes" section accessed from the main menu.
    0ZNDRBICRA - All recon points
    HI9WTPXSUK - Bonus online characters
    SH2VYIVNZF or 4V35JZHQD6 - Kilroy alert
    GIMMECHAPTERS - Unlock all chapters
    Submitted by adsfas
  • All Recon Points

    All Recon Points - Enter 0ZNDRBICRA as a code.
    Submitted by sdfasdf
  • Unlock All Levels

    gimmiechapters - unlock all levels
    Submitted by Jamboni

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Unlockables

  • Achievements

    A Lethal Portent (10) - Explore the abandoned hospital and Baker's fate...
    Abandon All Hope (150) - Expel the German forces from Koevering and bring an end to Operation Market Garden.
    Action Camera Blast (10) - Unlocked when you trigger an Action Camera moment using an explosive
    Action Camera Hero (40) - Unlocked when you trigger 25 of any kind of action camera moment
    Action Camera Sniper (10) - Unlocked when you get the headshot Action Camera
    Action Camera Veteran (20) - Unlocked when you get 10 of any kind of Action Camera (headshot or grenade or others)
    Calling in the Cavalry (30) - Escort XXX Corps and link up with the 101st Airborne.
    Casual Capturer (0) - Unlocked after completing your first four player capture game
    Committed (50) - While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game once a week for three months
    Earned in Blood (0) - Unlocked when your squad appoints you the leader for another round
    First Recon (10) - Find and activate a Recon Point
    Focused (25) - While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game once a day for 7 days
    Hellfire (35) - Survive the bombing of Eindhoven.
    Kilroy Bronze (15) - Find nine Kilroys
    Kilroy Gold (25) - Find 25 or more Kilroys
    Kilroy Silver (20) - Find eighteen Kilroys
    Kilroy was here! (10) - Find and view a hidden kilroy
    Novice Capturer (0) - Unlocked after completing five capture games (minimum four players per game)
    Objective SNAFU (20) - Fight your way to the bridge over the Wilhelmena Canal in Zon.
    Obsessive (100) - While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game for once a day for 100 days
    Recon Bronze (15) - Find six Recon Points
    Recon Gold (25) - Find sixteen or more Recon Points
    Recon Silver (20) - Find twelve Recon Points
    Remember September '44 (50) - While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game on September 17th.
    Situation FUBAR (50) - Defend Hell's Highway against the German counterattack.
    The Draft (0) - Unlocked when you are joined by a friend in an online match
    The Kloosterdreef Incident (25) - Battle through the streets of Eindhoven with the 506th.
    Through the Looking Glass (40) - Explore the abandoned hospital and discover Baker's fate...
    Touchdown (15) - Clear the Landing Zone and rendezvous with Hartsock.
    Truly Inspired (0) - Unlocked when you win a match under a commander with the Earned in Blood achievement
    Veteran Capturer (0) - Unlocked after completing 20 capture games (minimum four players per game)
    Victory or Death (0) - Unlocked by killing someone who has the Truly Inspired achievement
    Weather the Storm (45) - Repel Kampfgruppe Walther's crushing attack on Veghel.
    Submitted by My Brother
  • Secret Multiplayer Skins

    HI9WTPXSUK - 2 extra skins
    Submitted by Snappy
  • Authentic Difficulty

    Authentic Difficulty - Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock this harder mode.
    Submitted by Capt. Savage

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Release date: Sep 23 2008 - PS3, Xbox 360
Oct 07 2008 - PC (US)
Available Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Genre: Shooter
Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Gearbox
Franchise: Brothers in Arms
ESRB Rating:
Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Mild Sexual Themes
PEGI Rating:
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