Brooktown High: Senior Year review

  • Dialogue isn't half bad
  • Characters are cartoon sexy
  • Finally scoring
  • Off-their-rocker behavior
  • Three useless mini-games
  • Missing in-game Spring Fling

It's nice that Brooktown has a stat system that evolves over time, and that your skills in the four stats - charm, originality, athletics, smarts - are tied into how much you study, which after-school activities you join (all are non-interactive cut scenes), and whether you play the three lame mini-games or not (blackjack, a dancing game, and a weird kissing game where you grab hearts, avoid other obstacles, and spray breath freshener). But it sucks that whatever skills you aren't focusing on constantly plummet. Brooktown has obvious charm and we do hope for a sequel, but it's going to need to hit the books hard before we'll give it a passing grade.

More Info

Release date: May 22 2007 - PSP (US)
Available Platforms: PSP
Genre: Strategy
Published by: Konami
Developed by: Konami, Backbone Entertainment
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Sexual Themes, Simulated Gambling, Strong Language


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