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  • Submitted by Fritz Fraundorf

Breath of Fire 3 Cheats

  • Infinite Croc Tears

    Go to Ceder woods and find the pond go to the middle of it were there is a small little ditch and press x and you should get a Croc Tear also you can keep pressing the x butten and get infinite of them
    Submitted by "Anonymous"
  • 20% off magic

    If you want to get 20% off of magic equip 2 Shaman's rings and it should work. This is good for ryu with his accension ability because it takes alot of AP.
    Submitted by blur
  • Have Vital Item Flier

    Go to Genmel when you're still a child, go near the item shop and press R1 and change the camera.You'll see a manillo eating in the corner.Talk to him and he will give you the flier.This will decrease your buying items to 20 to 30% OFF!
    Submitted by Angelo Carlo Rous
  • Master List

    These are all the masters in the game. And the skills they teach you.
    Bunyan=Risky Blow, Focus, Super Combo, Disembowl
    Mygas=Frost, Meditation, Magic Ball, Typhoon
    D'lonzo=Monopolize, Intimidate, Steal
    Durandal=Unmotivate, Feign Swing, Backhand
    Yggdrasil=Sanctuary, Recall, Shield
    Meryleep=Charm, Shadowalk, War Shout
    Giotto=Trump, Berserk, Death
    Hondara=Purify, Kyrie, Benediction
    Fahl=Charge, Counter, Resist
    Emitai=Barrier, Mind Sword, Enlighten
    Bais=Chain Formation
    Lang=Cupid's Lyre (Item)
    Lee=Magic Formation
    Wynn=HP Formation
    Hachio=Mighty Chop, Demonsbane
    Deis=Inferno, Blizzard, Myollnir, Sirocco, Celerity
    Ladon=Mind'sEye, Holy Strike,
    Ward Of Light, Aura
    Submitted by Jimbo
  • Lotsa Life

    When you grow old select rei and go to the moutain where you fight the GooTitan and use pilfer as many times as you want and you will get the life shard and your life will go up one point with one so collect as many as posible.
    Submitted by The Queen of RPG games
  • Control Kaizer without failure gene

    Most of the time you must use failure gene with infinite gene to control Kaizer but you can also use Infinite+trance+radiance for a full-powered controllable Kaizer. You earn infinite gene later in the game if you didn't know that already!
    Submitted by Jared
  • Infinite berries

    Go to the Coffee Shop, and have Peco in your party. Go to the tree (that looks like it has berries on it) and have Peco kick it and berries will fall out. Barries will give you 5hp each.
    Submitted by Curtis Hall

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