Bratz The Movie

Hot on the wheels of Transformers comes this summer's second toy-based flick, an aggressively upbeat frolic that achieves the not inconsiderable feat of seeming even more plastic than its sub-Sindy inspiration. For those not in the know (in other words anybody over 10), the "Bratz" are a series of best-selling dolls that have become the must-have accessory in Tween-world. Here granted human form, they emerge as a quartet of materialistic bimbettes so vacuous they make Paris Hilton look like Kierkegaard. Okay, so the sassy kid-speak and sarky humour will be lapped up by the target audience, while Jon Voight wears his false nose with pride as a bemused high school principal. Faced with the heroines' high-pitched shrieking, though, you'll soon be feeling enviouz of the deaf dreamboat one of them falls for.


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