Bound by Flame seduction guide

We've said before that Bound by Flame is like Mass Effect in the Middle Ages, and just like its deep space counterpart, Bound by Flame offers romance options. Of course, the "romance" in the game is labelled as "seduction," so you know things are going to be a little tricky to achieve in that department.

Bound by Flame gives you four options when it comes to choosing a mate: Edwen, Rhelmar, Sybil, and Randval. To reach that special moment with each, you'll have to complete a series of side quests and tasks. Follow along, and we'll show you just what to say and do. Call us your matchmaker!

The action starts on page two!

Need a hand completing all the side quests in Bound by Flame? Check out our Bound by Flame side quest guide for some help!


  • LordVahn - May 20, 2014 5:59 p.m.

    I want to start with I agree it's a bad comparison to mass effect but BbF isn't bad, bad games are like the game of thrones game or ff whatever the one with lightening I don't find pressing a button and watching the action fun. BUT urban's a moron sorry but not catching his jab at mass effect really then making fun of the fact he said woosh when he clearly said something that flew way over your head. How old are you and are you even a gamer? You say BbF the only game this month then retract your statement with till wolfenstein I'm sitting there scratching my head going ummm WATCHDOGS just don't respond it will be more drivel that's coming out of stupidity.
  • Richard_Wright - May 22, 2014 5:56 p.m.

    Are you a moron? When Urban said "no games till Wolf" that fucking means no games will be coming out until Wolf releases. Which includes Watch Dogs coming out, since Wolf comes out prior. Only drivel in this comment section is you and the other 2 out of ~15 people here. You are in the minority, so obviously you are wrong and stupid. I guarantee youre samefagging altourus, as you seem to be caught up on everything he is.. As no one in this comment section is stupid enough to agree with him. You're also too much of a pussy to use the reply option. Most likely in hopes to get your word in without it notifying him, or the other people in that line, of you're shittyping idiotic crap. Get the fuck out, urban is right, you are mad, climb a wall of dicks, this topic is old, and take your own advise "just don't respond it will be more drivel that's coming out of stupidity."
  • LordVahn - May 23, 2014 6:23 a.m.

    Awwww so cute urban's boyfriend came to defend him maybe you need to go back to school and learn to read I said he was right about mass effect comparison but you kiddies do sound like butt hurt fan boys cause he made a joke lmao. You're right he did say till wolfenstein after he had said only new game this month so I do retract that previous statement of what about watchdogs. I also would like to point out the only one with a dick obsession is you cause it sure seems you love to talk about dicks. Which is cool mind you I don't think less of same gender relationships maybe you should grow up a bit and not gay bash or try to use liking men if you're a man as an insult. Anyways good luck maturing a bit cause hating on a group of people for personal choices ain't cool.
  • He_who_dwells - May 23, 2014 1:29 p.m.

    Richard - LordVahn is confirmed moron. LordVahn - You must be Altourus' boyfriend since you came to defend him. Richards "Urban is right" was refering to your wrong statements concerning the awefully written "crack" at mass effect and the "retract your statement with the till wolfenstein comes out" crap. The fact you pointed out a "dick obsession just because he said "climb a wall of dicks" to you once would actually point out that you yourself have a dick obsession. A most people would have commented at the fact that ~7 days doesn't make a guide topic old, or to bitch about him using your own words by using his, or even the "u mad" shit. But noooo. You focused on the dicks and gave a wall of text with how much you adore the gay community. There's nothing wrong with being gay so it just makes you a douche bag bigot for trying to use gays as an insult. Because of the second half of your reply all points you have tried to make were made void. It's clear you aren't a troll. You are plain and simply stupid. Go suck a bowl of dicks you bigoted asshole.
  • LordVahn - May 23, 2014 1:54 p.m.

    Wow I'm the bigot for saying you shouldn't try using sterotypical words like fag or hate on a group of people for their personal choices. This thread proves how low humanity has come bunch of Internet tough guys who obviously have low iq's and a need to stroke their male egos in a place they can't have their teeth knocked out. How bout you grow up kiddies and stop hating on gays. Your lack of intelligent thought is shown through your lack of debating and the slinging of anti gay language because I disagree with you I'm a fag or because I said for him to grow up and not bash or hate on gays I should go suck a bowl of dicks. I bet you're urban just making a bunch of accounts cause you are a trolling brat who's never been taught to respect others even if you disagree with their beliefs. I pity you and how one day you grow up He_who_dwells in his moms basement
  • He_who_dwells - May 24, 2014 3:25 p.m.

    Wall of bigoted nonsense. Come back when you aren't trying to be a fail troll. Tolls actually read and make sense. You're just being a moron and making youself look like a fool.
  • LordVahn - May 24, 2014 7:05 p.m.

    Get out of your moms basement get an education then try to do something with your life besides troll a forum for a game with multiple accounts loser lmao just look at when all these accounts where made so sad and pathetic you need to make more then one account to make you feel good about yourself. I pity u and hope you find peace, an education and as I said to your other account I'm done posting on this thread because you can't fix stupid and apparently you can't have a conversation with it without having the person lacking intelligence not rely on insults especially anti gay insults like fag.
  • He_who_dwells - May 25, 2014 4:13 p.m.

    This is a pretty popular site, Vahn, in case you didn't already know. Many people who weren't originally a member make an account to leave a comment. It's not uncommon for many accounts to be made to comment on of topic related to a day one fresh game, like this one. If you constantly use the same unoriginal insults to everyone that disagrees with you, expect them to tell you to fuck off in a similar, almost coordinated, fashion. Welcome to internet, enjoy your fucking summer. Your post is ironic as shit mate. Spout immaturity yet accuse people of being the same person and assuming they live in their mothers basement. Telling me to get an education yet you don't know how to use a period and can't spell "you" correctly. Going defensive for the gay community just because YOU were told to suck a bowl of dicks, yet you called Richard "Urban's boyfriend" and told him he has a dick obsession because he told you to "climb a wall of dicks." You clearly grew up fatherless, as no good father would raise their son to be such an illiterate joke with such an obvious ego problem. Every post by you is a hysterical mess of maturity cracks and ill-placed defense on gays. Yet you have the audacity to call us the trolls. Gtfo you beta as fuck neckbeard piece of shit.
  • LordVahn - May 25, 2014 5:13 p.m.

    It is hilarious that you still are trying to dig yourself out of the fact you created multiple accounts and as for illiterate you clearly are since you either pick and choose to understand what's been said or you just trying to troll someone who is just laughing at how lonely you must be in your moms basement. Then you prove your maturity by throwing basically the same things I've said to you back at me it's quite pathetic especially since every post I make you take a whole 24 hours almost to come up with something witty to reply to me but still end up using what I said. What a bunch of sad waste of life you are or you all are I still would bet my ps4 on the fact your the same loser as all the accounts created may 14 to argue with the guy who got you butt hurt over mass effect lmao
  • He_who_dwells - May 25, 2014 6:25 p.m.

    Sorry about not being able to message you 24/7 as some of us have actual jobs and responsibilities. "Then you prove your maturity by throwing basically the same things I've said to you back to me it's quite pathetic" oh how I know the feeling, Vahn. You continue to make yourself look foolish. "I'm not posting anymore." Welcome back, Weeaboo. But again, gtfo. You have been on fucking repeat since your second reply.
  • LordVahn - May 25, 2014 7:23 p.m.

    Your lack of reading comprehension and intellegence is astonishing. I give you points in effort for trying to say something smart sooner but still lack posting something original just like calling me a bigot after I called the other dude one for using terms like fag lmao least he was smart enough to walk away after he realised what an ass he made of himself just wish you would follow his example since you jumped to his defense
  • He_who_dwells - May 25, 2014 7:40 p.m.

    First, you never used the word "bigot" till I called you one. Second, I guarantee he realized you're a waste of space with saying the same shit over and over even though we are giving you new shit every post. I wouldn't doubt it if he was just reading these laughing his ass off. I'd do the same but I'd rather be a part of, what jason called it, "you trolling yourself." Last, how is my "jumping to his defense" any different than with you and Al? Coming out of nowhere to defend a bad, failed, joke with a paragraph of mad. This is absolutely funny.
  • LordVahn - May 25, 2014 7:49 p.m.

    Again reading comprehension would be a big boon for you read what i said I'm basically saying he is a bigot without using the actual word doesn't surprise me it slipped by your low intellect. Thanks for admitting you're to retarded to follow his example and realize what an ass hat you are but I'm just laughing at the Internet scum you are I even believe you signed one of your posts with Jason quite a coincidence same name same creation date pretty pathetic
  • jason-emmel - May 24, 2014 4:17 p.m.

    LV, youre acting very dumb here. Everything you say keeps getting further and further from your initial argument. You keep derailing the topic by defending the gay community when no one is bashing it in any way, other than you. It's quite obvious you are using this defensive pose for the gay community to spark a rise in an attempt to troll. This is more insulting to the gay community than "go climb a wall of dicks" and "go suck a bowl of dicks" which aren't even close to hating on the gay community. Just because someone agrees with someone else, doesn't make them their boyfriend or the same person under multiple names. Sharing an opinion is vastly common, especially on the internet. You seem to have issues that need to be sorted out. Maybe you are gay yourself. That would explain this extreme derailing of a topic. To go from defending a Mass Effect crack to wildly defending the gay community, when it wasn't being attacked or even thought of until you brought it up. If you are in fact closeted maybe you should just come out instead of trying to start a fight on a video game guide site. There's nothing wrong with being gay, in fact you'll get a lot of respect for coming out and just being you. Take care and Godspeed, -Jason
  • LordVahn - May 24, 2014 6:52 p.m.

    Proving your low iq's troll on morons can't even read or make a definitive statement. I am done posting on this thread since I'm clearly talking to the same idiot since I refuse to believe so many can't read. He used the word fag then climb a wall of dicks and clearly you need to go to school for reading comprehension because go suck a bowl of dicks is clearly hating towards the gay community and also if a you kids where more mature I wouldn't be off subject but you sit there and use words like fag so grow up lol I got better things to do then argue with someone who needs an education
  • jason-emmel - May 25, 2014 2:50 p.m.

    You were the one that took everything off topic. The fact that you got extremely mad and started insulting my intelligence proves you don't mean anything you're saying, as you are most likely trying to "stroke your male ego." Clearly you are the one in need of maturing. Starting an unnecessary argument about the gay community when it wasn't even being attacked, insulting the intelligence of everyone telling you your wrong, and then backing out of it because you realize youre being an absolute idiot instead of admitting youre wrong. Pathetic. You can't back your claims and spew nonsensical BS. However true your pose is on defending the gay community, you are slandering them more than helping them. The things you were saying would have been true, and I'd have backed you wholeheartedly, had it not been for the fact it was entirely unnecessary in this situation. You pulled a defensive pose on an arbitrarily serious topic out of thin air just because some "kid" insulted you on a video game guide site. Also, if you are going to insult the intelligence of anyone on the internet, you better make damn sure you use grammar correctly, with at least junior high level sentence structure. There is no place for you on this site. Leave.
  • LordVahn - May 25, 2014 5:04 p.m.

    When you can learn to read you can chat with me till then I suggest you go to school and learn since you obviously can't come up with an original statement for yourself and take what I've said. Also avoiding the fact he used words like fag but it's cool. Less intelligent people try to latch onto what little things they can to try and feel justified in being a complete tool. Feel free to stop talking because the more you say the worse you make yourself look but then again your the same person I've been talking to the whole time lol as I said all these accounts where made in the same day so sad
  • jason-emmel - May 25, 2014 7:18 p.m.

    Again, you're acting very dumb here. Words only have as much power as an individual gives them. To have 4 back to back posts consisting of "same person multiple accounts" along with bar after bar of maturity and education cracks realy just shows how insecure you are. "When you can learn to read... original statement..." You haven't said anything new in a while and disregarded several things many people have said. All you do is talk circles around stupid irrelevant shit and don't contribute anything new to the conversation. Do you even know how to have a conversation? Right now it seems like you have your mouth sealed to your ass with your thumbs in your ears. You may want to take everyones advise (including yours) and quit while your behind. The first half of your last sentence is like you just take what others say to you and throw it around aimlessly, much like a monkey throws its own shit. If you're looking for an "internet victory" you will not find it here. You lost the second you unnecessarily went off topic because you couldn't handle a 13 year old calling you "bwad words ;-(" Back on the subject of multiple accounts, isn't it funny how Altourus and Aiden both stop talking for some reason, just to be replaced by a kid who magically focuses on the exact -only- thing they focused on? Do you know what that thing is? The one thing that has no meaning to anyone other than Altourus? I'm sure you know it!- The illiteratly written M.E. crack, and Urban's retort to it. It's just very odd that you would come here with a brand new account just to voice the EXACT concerns of Altourus. And when you're shut down you go off on a completely arbitrary tangent, and constantly belittling any power behind your words by spamming every post you write with unoriginal education/basement cracks. Which is more hysterical than insulting. You may have started all of this with the intent to troll, but sadly it appears you're missing your target quite terribly. So terribly, in fact, you're trolling yourself. I've quite honestly never seen someone so eager to troll themselves as much as you. So please. Oh please. Stay a while longer.
  • LordVahn - May 25, 2014 7:37 p.m.

    Read my original post lmao you sad pathetic trolls focus on just one aspect then try to pretend the rest doesn't exist pretty pathetic and might be why I repeat myself cause your the same dumb fuck who is obviously trying to distract from the fact you have 0 original thoughts in your head

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