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Bogey Dead 6 Cheats


    To get access to all the fighter jets, go to the Plane SelectionScreen and enter the following code:Left, Left, Right, Down, Up, Down, Right, Select.You will hear a shout to confirm that the code was entered correctly Now all of the fighters will be available for you to select. Choose a plane with good speed, endurance, maneuverability andstability to fight for you. Use any plane, even an F22 for combat in the beginning missions!
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    From the Game Menu, choose the Mission Option. At the MissionSelect Screen, press the following buttons in this order: Up, Down,Down, Right, Left, Down, Up, Triangle. Once you hear the shout,it will confirm that the code was entered correctly. Now the higherlevel missions will be available for you to choose. Even though themissions will be more difficult, the rewards will be greater when you access these levels.
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    Use this code to add time to the clock. When the Now LoadingScreen appears (after the plane and Weapon Selection Screens,but before the mission starts), press and hold buttons: L1, L2, R1,R2, X, Circle, Triangle, Square and Left. Keep buttons held until you begin the mission for an increase to 999 seconds!
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