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Boarder Zone Cheats, Codes & Guides

Boarder Zone Cheats

  • Hex For All Levels

    Go to the file Supreme/Saved_Data/AvaiableLevels.txt and change the following:
    Save it and open the file Defaults.txt and change the value "available_tracks=3;" to "available_tracks=7;"
    Submitted by None
  • Edit Character

    goto Program Files\Infogrames\Boarder Zone\Data\Characters\ ______ or ur directory for boarder zone and click on one of the names in the word pads and u can adjust how high you can jump with plrcnf.txt and go to the file and edit how high u wanna jump with this max_jump_impulse " any number "
    Submitted by None
  • Various Cheats

    Put in the following cheats for the Driver's Name
    hiihtoope Get a Rider - Guide
    siipiveikkoliitelee Unlock Hard Tracks
    seivaavideograbbi Screenshot
    imhotepmaailmojentuhoaja Get Debug. Just press E while playing
    ope Get a Rider - Guide
    lee Get Hard tracks
    exterminaattori ???
    Submitted by None
  • Secret track

    Submitted by Josh Walter
  • Front and Back Flips easer than123

    Build up speed wile holding A then let go and press up then down for a front flip
    and do the same thing but press down then up for a back flip.NOTE[it only works twies in one run.]
    Submitted by DJ Stoneburner
  • Get All Boards

    Open up the file Available_Boards.txt in the \saved_data directory with notepad or a text editor and change it to this

    Submitted by None

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