Blast action hero

A closer look at Tequilla’s special moves

Health Boost
Probably the least exciting of the lot. A potentially life-saving energy regeneration that comes in handy if there are no health packs around.

Precision Aim
Time slows and Tequila enters first-person mode to deliver a one-shot kill. Take your pick of body parts - including a man’s vegetables - and then watch in painful close-up as your enemy is left clawing uselessly at gaping wounds.

Reloading his weapon mid-fight, Tequila grimaces and shakes his head as if to say “You guys are screwed when I finish loading this deadly metal trumpet.” Which they are, of course, as the Inspector unleashes scores of rounds simultaneously. 

Spin Attack
Tequila spins around with arms outstretched, killing all enemies in the area. Everyone falls down dead. Then birds arrive. From somewhere. It’s like magic. He’s like some sort of homicidal Houdini.


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