Blast action hero

Not much has been announced about Stranglehold’s multi-player, except that one will be included. It seems that Midway is struggling to find a way to make the slow-motion Tequila Time work within a multi-player setting (how do you manage several players randomly engaging slow-motion?). They say they’re working on a creative solution that’s not been seen before; we’re intrigued and looking forward to seeing more soon.

Woo explains his trademark

“I love doves,” says John Woo. "I am a Christian. Doves represent the purity of love, beauty. They’re spiritual. Also the dove is a messenger between people and God. When I shot The Killer, these two men, the killer and the cop, they work in different ways, but their souls are pure, because they do the right thing. In the church scene, I wanted to bring them together. I wanted to use a metaphor of the heart. I came up with doves - they’re white. When the men die, I cut to the dove flying - it’s the soul, rescued and safe and also pure of heart.”


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