Blast action hero

While this lends the game an intuitive pick-up-and-play feel, currently there are also some worries about over-sensitivity. Say you’re running through a room picking off Triads. Accidentally, you skim past a table and, before you can react, Tequila’s sliding across it on his backside, skewing your aim and making you miss your intended target. It’s a fine balance for the former Psi-Ops developers to strike.

Once you’re comfortable with Tequila’s range of acrobatics you’ll be able to chain his most extravagant moves together to earn style points. These style points (represented by silver stars that pop up on the left-hand side of the screen) require more than a quick slide ‘n’ shoot - think more along the lines of doing a wall-jump and sliding down a rail, then leaping to grab a chandelier, before landing on a table with wheels and rolling through enemy-filled rooms unloading your pistols. You won’t have time to blink.


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