Blast action hero

John Woo's explosive Stranglehold blows up everything

We’re behind a pillar. Sorry - Hollywood action hero Chow Yun-Fat is behind a pillar, face grim, eyes narrowed and hands gripping dual Beretta pistols. As moonlight bathes the museum, gloomily illuminating the looming dinosaur skeleton above, we hear the muffle of incoming footsteps. Hopelessly outnumbered, desperately low on health, we swing into the open and - in a few violent stabs of PS3’s Sixaxis pad - erupt into a spiraling slow-motion weave of bullets and trace-lines, spinning and firing with impossible accuracy in all directions at once. Our enemies collapse to the floor theatrically like an elaborate puppet display. A brief orchestral flourish blows upon the air. A set of doves flutter upwards…

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