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  • Character Stats Edit

    Use notepad or a text editor to edit the file in the stats folder. Edit any stat you wish. Backup the file first though.
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  • Various Cheats

    Use a text editor and find the file in the scripts folder. Add these lines to the end of the file
    import cheats
    Now press these keys to activate the indicated result
    F5 - Moves camera Left
    F6 - Move camera Right
    F8 - Level Up
    F9 Skip Level
    F10 - Invincible Toggle
    1 - Small sword
    2 - Large sword
    3 - Large sword
    4 - Small shield
    G - Lightsaber
    H - Sleepy Hollow Gore
    K - Lightsaber on
    M - Mutant Gore
    P - New MOV
    X - Matrix Gore
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  • Other Cheats

    Entry location: Put in these codes during play.
    It is reported you may have to finish the game first for these to work
    itemsgalore - Get all items
    levelend - Skip Level
    doorsnomore - Get keys for level
    allmighty - Max Hp + Stamina
    tothepoint - All weapons
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