BlackSite: Area 51

The last level demoed was an on-rails segment from inside one of many helicopters escorting a convoy below. We were too caught up in the in-game radio chatter to notice the destroyed tanker truck that made up a roadblock. As the helicopter did a fly-by of the wreckage, a giant-serpent head erupted from beneath the tanker and immediately began spewing fireball projectiles from its gullet. A healthy blast from our mounted machine gun only provoked more heads to spring up.

After those Hydra-like heads toppled, the helicopters scouted the road ahead, only to find an even bigger Serpent dominating a bridge with enough tentacles to satisfy a Hentai enthusiast. As it tossed cars and swiped at the helicopter, Young alternated between firing at its nasty face and the projectiles it fired. We won’t tell you the monster’s fate, but we will say that your squad mate’s helicopter goes down and the next portion is an on-foot segment rescue mission.

As our demo ended, we were clued into one last feature for the game - online co-op. Players will be able to join in a game at any time as a squad mate, but would essentially have to follow Player One’s command. Co-op play will be featured on an upcoming Xbox Live demo somewhere around August.

We did notice some slowdown and certain environments that could’ve been destructible but weren't - but this is still an early version. And based on what we’ve seen, BlackSite: Area 51 should end up being one of the more solid shooters for your console this fall. Make sure to click the Images tab for more juicy screens and check back often for further updates. 


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