BlackSite: Area 51

The next section took place in Rachel, Nevada outside a gas station and trailer park that had obviously seen better days. Besides the eerie lack of humanity, the ghastly sky consisting of red and black tones presented a foreboding and sinister feel. Sure enough, as Young rounded a corner, an alien with spider-like legs and a big head (think Starship Troopers) barely missed a man sprinting for shelter in a metal barn. Our hero yelled, “Hey Octopus-Dog” - a silly insult that seemed to enrage the creature - and with that the firefight was on.

Octo-dogs (our word) are scripted to surround the squad in a way to induce the most panic; by charging you from around corners or by actually leaping over the trailers to swipe your face off. A surprising amount of firepower is the only way to topple these beasts or by exploding them with either grenades, nearby gas tanks or broken-down cars. 


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