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Black Stone: Magic & Steel Cheats, Codes & Guides

Black Stone: Magic & Steel Cheats

  • How to unlock 6th Class

    Go to the class select screen and highlight the classes and press quickly Pirate, R Trigger, Thief, R Trigger, Warrior, Trigger R, Archer,R Trigger, Pirate, R Trigger, Warlock, R Trigger, Thief, R Trigger, Warlock, R Trigger, and Thief, R Trigger
    Submitted by None
  • Easy way to get money

    First your magic gauge needs to be at 4. now go to the raven and beat him. keep beating him and you will have lots of money.
    Submitted by cell37465
  • Easy Money

    An easy way to get money is have a friend who has a lot of money. Go to any level and raise your power gauge to max. Keep on pressing Y on your partner. You will receive 50 gold every time you hit them. Complete the level and you'll have lots of money!
    Submitted by Christian Jackson

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