BioShock Infinite: If you don’t like PlayStation Move, you can ignore it, says Ken Levine

 Real gamers don’t like motion controls. There, I said it. My aunt likes her Wii. My roommate whose Tekken skills have slowly deteriorated over the years due to a lack of passion and dedication likes his Wii. My Wii doesn’t exist because I don’t own one. But if I did, I’m certain it’d be covered in dust. Motion controls are for the casual, not the core. So when Irrational Games’ Ken Levine announced that BioShock Infinite would support PlayStation Move at Sony’s E3 2011 press conference, I was saddened and embarrassed by the idea of me flailing my arms and looking even dumber than I usually do while riding a Sky-Line.

But in an interview with OXM, Levine left some encouraging words for motion control doubters and naysayers. Levine insists that BioShock Infinite’s motion controlled gameplay is no cause for alarm for those who like to do their shooting with their thumbs and fingertips while sitting down. “Any experience that sits in the realm of motion play needs to be kept separate from the main experience,” said Levine. “It needs to be firewalled off so that if this experiment isn’t for you, or doesn’t turn out to be all that great, you can just ignore it.”

“What you don’t want to do is add something in and enforce it on anybody. Do an experiment, fine! We’re in the experimental stage, and people shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting as long as we can firewall off and protect what we know works,” continued Levine, who sees the introduction of waggly-ness as a risk worth taking. “If we don’t experiment, we don’t progress.”

Levine was not willing to confirm whether Irrational Games’ motion control experiment would carry over to Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360 version of the game, but was keen to select the PC as his personal favorite platform for shooters. “I’m a hardcore gamer – I do most of my gaming on mouse and keyboard,” said Levine, which pleases my grouchy PC gamer sensibilities. Guess I’ll put away all my pitchforks and torches.

Jun 23, 2011