BioShock 2's first single-player DLC is coming next month

Remember BioShock 2? In case you’ve forgotten, it was a pretty great game. Hell, so far it’s one of the seven best games of the year. But to be honest, the multiplayer aspect of it never really caught us, and since that’s been the focus of all the post-release DLC, we haven’t really gone back to the amazing title. But after this news, maybe we will.

The Protector Trials is the first single-player DLC for the title, and it’s based around defending the Little Sisters as they collect Adam, one of the more fun diversions in the Campaign. It contains six new maps with three levels of difficulty on each, plus new Achivements/Trophies and unlockables, which all sounds like a fair deal for $4.99/400 Microsoft Points. You can check it out when it launches August 3.

Jul 1, 2010

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