BioShock 2 strategy guide

Although it’s always a risk, as it leaves you temporarily exposed, you should always attempt to research the corpses of recently-deceased foes, as it will provide you with an additional ADAM boost. Remember that you can still research a body, even if you weren’t the one who dealt the final blow. Leveling-up quickly is the key to success in BioShock 2’s multiplayer, so this is a very good habit to get into.

Above: Here’s a nice picture of Sophia Lamb’s political rivals. She does this to those who forget to research, too

This plasmid allows you to turn invisible (but not invulnerable) to the other players, although it creates a bit of a show when you reappear (which you’ll need to do to perform an attack), so pick your moments carefully. The Houdini plasmid can be used to confuse or disorientate your foes by rapidly appearing in random locations, or by camping in little-used spots and ambushing the enemy as they pass by. It is, however, of limited use in Capture the Sister games, as the Sister, if in your possession, will remain visible.

Above: Reappearances are accompanied by a grand flourish, so it’s not the ultimate stealth weapon

Aero Dash
Gifts the player a temporary speed boost, although they cannot change direction or manoeuvre while dashing. If the player encounters a chasm while dashing, they’ll vault right over it, and if they hit a Geyser Trap, the sky’s the limit. This is primarily a defensive plasmid, with obvious uses when trying to escape with your bounty in ADAM Grab modes, but it can also be used as a weapon, dealing damage to anyone who crosses your path, or shattering any frozen enemies that you hit.

Above: You’ll be thankful for Aero Dash once you have one of these in your mitts

The Big Daddy Suit
There are two ways to become a Big Daddy – either pick up one of the suits that generates randomly around the level, or be ‘lucky’ enough to be chosen as your team’s designated Big Daddy during team games. We say ‘lucky’, because your improved health and strength (alongside cool new moves such as the Big Daddy stomp) come at a price – with a huge ADAM boost up for grabs, players will be gunning for you. If you’ve been using the research camera diligently, you might want to rethink the idea of climbing into those must-o-boots, because you’ll lose any research points you’ve previously accumulated.

Above: The Big Daddy Stomp is capable of taking out the entire field in one fell swoop. Well, one fell stamp

Geyser Trap
One of three new plasmids available in multiplayer, the Geyser Trap is one of the most versatile weapons in the entire game and a worthy addition to any loadout. To the untrained eye, the Geyser Trap appears to be little more than a cheap knock-off of the Cyclone Trap,but the Geyser is also capable of flinging the caster high up in the air. As many of the levels are built vertically, this makes the Geyser Trap one of the quickest and easiest ways to navigate around the maps, and allows you to plan surprise attacks on a team of players who are defending a target.

It can also be combined with other plasmids for a multitude of effects. The soggy nature of the geyser means that anyone who’s riding one is particularly vulnerable to an electric shock. It can also be frozen solid, with rider inside, with a Winter Blast.

Above: The Geyser Trap is a fantastically effective way to punish campers suddenly

Take the sis!
When in possession of a Little Sister during team grab games, be careful what route you take to the vent – drop her in an enclosed area and your chances of getting hold of her again will be dramatically reduced. If you have a Little Sister and are cornered by the enemy, try casting a Geyser Trap over yourself. It’ll make it that much harder for the enemy to hit you, buying you precious seconds.

Feb 9, 2010