Unlike other shooters, taking down BioShock's biggest baddies isn't simply a case of arming yourself with the biggest weapon and mindlessly charging in for a frenzied gun-off. Indeed, attempting this gung-ho approach in the demo, which takes place in the game's first level, proves utterly futile and the weapons available - a pistol and shotgun - are as effective as soggy seaweed.

Instead, brains and genetic powers win out over bullets. Recognising opportunities and how to use them to your advantage will be the key to walking away victorious from a Big Daddy bust-up - Levine calls these confrontations a type of "dynamic puzzle" - so after failing to topple the Daddy with raw gun-power, it's time to teleport away and reassess the situation from a safer distance.

A teleporting, pyro-kinetic projectile-throwing mutation known as a Splicer is spotted nearby and the player tosses a gooey Splicer irritant ball at the Big Daddy and Little Sister, causing the Splicer to react by attacking the little and large duo. As soon as the Splicer charges, the Big Daddy gets nasty and, as the hulking protector is distracted with one foe, the player makes a move for the Adam-carrying child.

However, an eagle-eyed camera is triggered and dispatches two airborne security drones - armed with law-keeping machine guns - to hunt the player down. While these buzzing menaces can be shot down easily enough, a security terminal is hastily located and the drones are deactivated. The player then hacks the inert devices and marks the Big Daddy as their new target. They dutifully react and go after the formidable foe with bullet-spitting venom.

Now busy with the drones (never favourite to win, the Splicer is now thoroughly dead), the player spots a propane tank and shoots it, causing a jet of hot flame to appear. Using telekinesis, the player picks up a teddy bear from the floor (all manner of debris is scattered around Rapture) and floats it into the flame to set it alight. The fluffy toy is then hurled at the Big Daddy, causing the bulky enemy's diving suit to ignite.