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Big Game Hunter 2 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Big Game Hunter 2 Cheats

  • Restore Health

    Press Alt+control+h to restore health to full
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  • Cheat Codes

    Enable boxes (see note below) [Alt] + [Ctrl] + B
    Magnify on/off [Alt] + [Ctrl] + V
    Toggle rain [Alt] + [Ctrl] + R
    Toggle wind [Alt] + [Ctrl] + W
    Toggle snow [Alt] + [Ctrl] + S
    Toggle Rifle sight [Alt] + [Ctrl] + J
    Get $2,000 on Catalog Screen [Alt] + [Ctrl] + M
    Auto Camera [Alt] + [Ctrl] + C
    Show Frame Rate [Alt] + [Ctrl] + F
    Refill Health [Alt] + [Ctrl] + H
    Lightening [Alt] + [Ctrl] + L
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Big Game Hunter 2 Hints

  • Box Colors Description

    Red Boxes Non Moving Dead Fields
    Yellow Boxes Possible Animal Locations
    Green Boxes Animals
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  • Sight Weapon

    At the target zone when redy to shoot press ALT + CTRL + T . Use the cursor keys to align this to 0-0. Now your weapon is sighted in
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  • Get more hunting time

    Go back to camp before 8 P.M.. Now go to the lodge, return to the camp and back to the lodge to get the time to midnight for more hunting time
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  • Get tags

    Clickt the buy tags option in the lodge and type giraffe or coyote to hunt that animal
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