Bethesda planning to release another Skyrim PS3 patch soon

Will Skyrim finally run smoothly on all PS3s?

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Bethesda’s highly regarded titles are known for some of the grandest adventures in some of the biggest worlds ever conceived in gaming. On the flip side, those same games are infamous for sometimes being incredibly buggy. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been no exception, with the PS3 version being particularly troubled. Bethesda now says that by the end of the month another patch will be live that might finally make the PS3 version playable for the unlucky gamers affected by lag in that edition.

The news of patch 1.4 for Skyrim came from the official Twitter account, saying that the lag issues would hopefully be addressed in that update. The 1.4 update is planned for some time in January, though we aren’t sure if this patch, like previous versions, will also go live on 360 and PC to deal with the various problems on those systems. Still, don’t fret lag-plagued PS3 players because Bethesda seems committed to fixing this problem. In the meantime, watching Mega 64’s awesome tribute to Skyrim might ease the pain.


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