Best & Worst: Movie Spoof Scenes


It seems the God of Good Taste has taken a summer holiday to Cleethorpes and left Hollywood in charge.

Fresh off the back of news that the Wayans brothers have the green light for White Chicks 2 , this Friday sees their latest foray into 'spoof' movies, Dance Flick , unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

Inspired by this undoubtedly solidly scripted, acted and produced comedy vehicle, we thought we'd take a look at some of the best spoof scenes in movies - you know, in case you forgot what they look like - and compare them against the awful crap that calls itself spoof.

Read on for the best and worst of spoof movies, watch the videos, and weep for the state of cinema...


Best & Worst: Superhero Spoofs


The Best: Superhero Casting

The Film: Mystery Men (1999)

Why It Rocks: Filled to bursting with a plethora of piss-poor pretenders, this audition scene is a side-splitting dove amongst the comedy pigeons of superhero spoofery.

With appearances from heroes as unlikely as Dane Cook’s ‘The Waffler’, the scene is made more amusing by the reactions of the judging panel of Mystery Men, none of whom are exactly endowed with awesome powers.



The Worst: Tom Cruise Impersonator

The Film: Superhero Movie (2008)

Why It Sucks: How far the mighty Jerry Zucker hath fallen. From the heady climes of Airplane! and The Naked Gun to the back end of the Scary Movie franchise and this mockery of a sham.

Not content with a slew of the most obvious jokes known to the spoof format he helped create, Zucker bodly goes where every comedian has for the past 3 years and takes a swipe at the Cruiser. Unoriginal and unnecessary.

PS, Ben Stiller does a much better Tom Cruise.


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Best & Worst: Horror Spoofs


The Best: Do You Like Scary Movies?

The Film: Scream (1996)

Why It Rocks: The mini-movie that serves as the opening for Scream is a self-referential parody of numerous horror franchises, staples and clichés. A horror movie that makes fun of horror movies, without resorting to cheap gags.

It caused a pop-culture riot of it’s own with the line “What’s your favourite scary movie?”, revived the flagging career of Drew Barrymore and birthed a new franchise, one which went on to become everything it lampooned originally.


The Worst: Scream Opening Parody

The Film: Scary Movie (2000)

Why It Sucks: Released the same year as Scream 3, this wasn’t the only film taking a stab at the famed franchise ( Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th went straight to video that year also), but it was the biggest.

Cheap jokes ruin the entire scene, from a fart gag to a cameo from a shrieking Prince look-a-like, the humourless scene culminates in a knife to Carmen Electra’s bosom, pulling out a silicon implant. Just lame.


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Best & Worst: Sci-Fi Spoofs


The Best: Chest Burster Song & Dance

The Film: Spaceballs (1987)

Why It Rocks: One of the most loved spoof movies of all time unsurprisingly has one of the best scenes. Taking a pot shot at Ridley Scott’s Alien, Mel Brooks got on board original ‘chestburster’ actor John Hurt for a repeat performance.

It is a casting masterstroke, with Hurt screaming in agony as the alien births via his sternum, hilariously uttering the line “not again”, before the alien dons a hat and cane and tap dances his way down the bar singing showtunes. Classic.


The Worst: Weird End Credit Fashion Show

The Film: The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension (1984)

Why It Sucks: Although considered a cult movie, Banzai was a monumental misfire which killed Sheparton studios, hence the fact we never saw the much hyped sequel, Buckaroo Banzai Vs. The World Crime League .

This end credit sequence sums up the tonally inconsistent movie, with electro rock accompanying the cast as the strut around on top of a dam, with the camera paying special attention to their garish threads.

Yes, that is Jeff Goldblum in the cowboy outfit.


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Best & Worst: Western Spoofs


The Best: Sing Us A Song

The Film: Blazing Saddles (1974)

Why It Rocks: Playing up every cowboy stereotype this also plays with very timely social conventions, the no-holds barred racial slurs highlighting the all too real civil-rights situation in 1974.

This opening scene flips racial prejudice on its head with a singalong reversal orchestrated by the more intelligent black workforce on their idiotic cowboy bosses. The quicksand scene is priceless.


The Worst: The trailer for this shambles...

The Film: Big Money Rustlas (2009)

Why It Sucks: You may be barely aware of a hip-hop outfit called the Insane Clown Posse. You may also be aware of movies. You may not be aware that the Insane Clown Posse make movies.

Hot off the heels of the hit straight to video urban crime epic Big Money Hustlas , this sequel will take the shape of a Western parody, and based on this bootleg trailer, it may just be the worst thing ever conceived by hip hop.

Oh, and Vanilla Ice is going to be in it.


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Best & Worst: Spy Spoofs


The Best: Cow Scene


The Film: Top Secret! (1984)

Why It Rocks: Val Kilmer has rarely been better than this mid-80s spy spoof, his rock star come international espionage specialist Nick Rivers offloading a barrage of witty one-liners and slaying with his diamond edged good looks.

But the movie is stolen from Kilmer’s clutches by the standout scene, which involves two resistance fighters in a cow disguise, an infiltration plan, and the unexpected intervention of a very horny bull. Hilarious.


The Worst: Fake Fisticuffs

The Film: Johnny English (2003)

Why It Sucks:
As everyone knows, basing a movie on series of slightly amusing credit card adverts about an inept British spy is just a dandy idea, because nothing translates into a 90-minute laugh-fest like a 30 second commercial.

The cringe-worthy embarrassment of the jokes, the delivery, and the entire premise is palable. This scene highlights just how much of a bad idea the entire enterprise was, as it drops trou and shits on the legacy of the British film industry.


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Best & Worst: Cop Spoofs


The Best: Concrete Dildo

The Film: The Naked Gun (1988)

Why It Rocks: In the role he was born to play, Leslie Neilson shows the range of his comedy skills in this classic Frank Dreben scene. With a gag a second pace, Neilson’s ability shines through.

Under the masterful direction of an on-form team of Zucker brothers, the well endowed concrete statues retain never seem like cheap gags, unlike the more unrestrained efforts of recent years.



The Worst: John McClane Cameo


The Film: Loaded Weapon 1 (1993)

Why It Sucks: Probably one of the most iconic characters of a generation, John McClane don’t dance for nobody. Nobody that is, until he turned up in this send up of the late '80s/early '90s buddy cop action films.

Every one of our favourite memories involving Christmas, Die Hard marathons and uttering Yippe Ki Yay Mutherfucker to nobody in particular is sold out in 30 seconds of ill-advised cameo. Boo.


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Best & Worst: Dance Spoofs


The Best: Teen Angst Dance

The Film: Hot Rod (2007)

Why It Rocks: Andy Samberg’s starring debut is a mixed bag to say the least, and divided audiences into two camps; most people really, really hated it. was among a privileged few in the other camp.

Between the awesome soundtrack by 80s legends Europe, the hilariously random moments and the fact that Lovejoy stars as Rod’s Dad, this movie is all win. The dance scene in the forest, a send up of Footloose, is just classic.


The Worst: Mangina Dance

The Film: Clerks II (2006)

Why It Sucks: Using the obscure track ‘Goodbye Horses’ by 70s trannie Q Lazarus, which Buffalo Bill danced to in The Silence of The Lambs , Silent Bob manages to cheer up a drug-free Jay, who knows that boredom is the route to relapse.

Jay starts to dance in the style of Buffalo Bill, even applying lipstick in the same way, and all is well until we see a prolonged shot of jay pulling the ‘Mangina’. Of all the things we never need to see, ever, the Mangina is all of them.


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Best & Worst: Airport Spoofs


The Best: Joey, have you ever…?


The Film: Airplane! (1980)

Why It Rocks: Just about every gag in this spoof of 70s Disaster movies is a hit and none more so than the hilariously inappropriate banter between Captain Oveur and Joey, a small boy visiting the cockpit.

As the questions become more and more bizarre and inappropriate, the rest of the flight crew don’t even bat an eyelid, and the innocent Joey can only marvel at being in the cockpit, not understanding a word the Captain says.


The Worst: Jetliner Pneumatics


The Film: Soul Plane (2004)

Why It Sucks: When a film is derided by the black community for misrepresenting black stereotypes on film, you know that you’re not about to see one of the most cerebral comedies of all time.

But among the outlandish, outrageous, out-of-line and the just plain embarrassing (See Tom Arnold’s entire dialogue), there is this moment of completely implausible silliness. Absolute tripe.

Whether you agree, disagree, or justl ike to see your name on the internet, leave a comment!


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