Best of E3 06: Xbox

Best/Worst glossed-over factoid: Goodnight, sweet Xbox

Developer: Microsoft
Release Date: Holiday 2006

During the Microsoft pre-E3 press conference, the head honcho of the Xbox Peter Moore inadvertently pronounced our tried and true, big green machine dead (or close to death). As Moore rattled through a roughly two hour spiel on the future of Microsoft, he neglected to touch on the current Xbox with anything beyond a passing mention.

"By Holiday 2006, we'll have 832 titles for the Xbox," stated Moore proudly, and then promptly moved on - not mentioning what those titles would be or how many would actually be new titles. With Xbox Live already making a near-complete conversion to next-gen content, we're saddened to see our old console striding proudly into a late 2006 sunset.

For more on the impending death of the Xbox, go to your local game store and weep softly with your head on the counter. To see the great games shown at E3 for all the other systems, go here.


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