Best of E3 06: PlayStation 2

Final Fantasy XII

Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Release Date: October 2006

What's left to be said of this epic? As the PlayStation 2 draws to a close, the most elaborate adventure yet seen in the Final Fantasy series arrives. From its world of magic, technology and war to its cast of unlikely heroes, this is one that we don't feel ripped off waiting years for.

As young Vaan, you'll be swept up from a life of petty thievery into a tale of widowed princesses, betrayed generals and an empire hungry for territory. With a brand new battle system that relies on the intelligence of your partners to win the day, you'll find entirely new ways to fight. With a world bigger and bolder than any seen before in a Final Fantasy, you'll find yourself spoiled for choice on where to adventure. This is a bold new game in a series we love. Given the fact we didn't forget all about it the first moment we saw that ridiculously gorgeous Final Fantasy XIII tailer for PlayStation 3, we know that Square Enix is on the money with this one.

Finally, get your extended dose of FFXII info right here.


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