Best of E3 06: PlayStation 2

Sony's juggernaut bows out gracefully, with a crop of fine-looking games

Worst idea: NRA Gun Club

Publisher: Crave Entertainment
Developer: Crave Entertainment
Release Date: Fall 2006

Imagine a first-person shooter so nonviolent that it doesn't actually let you move, and you'll have a good idea of what to expect from NRA Gun Club. Featuring around 100 real-world weapons (none of which actually look all that realistic), it'll let players shoot at stationary targets in plywood firing ranges.

Sound exciting? Here's the best part: it's on rails! Automatically selecting your weapon and moving you from station to station, the computer relegates you to just aiming and firing. It's awesome, provided your experience with video games is limited to those "hit-the-monkey" ads on the Interweb. To be fair, we realize this is supposed to be a "budget" game for "casual" gamers, but even fans of the Deer Hunter games deserve something more interesting than this.

Excited about this one and want to learn more? Too bad. But you can return to the rest of the feature and see more interesting games for other systems by clickinghere.


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