Best of E3 06: PlayStation 2

Sony's juggernaut bows out gracefully, with a crop of fine-looking games

Lego Star Wars II

Publisher: Lucasarts
Developer: Traveler's Tales
Release Date: September 2006

The sequel to last year's surprise hit combines several of our favorite things: lightsabers, the original three Star Wars films and plastic blocks that we can build things out of. Taking control of Han, Leia and up to 98 other playable Star Wars characters, gamers will be able to go to town building their own Lego vehicles as they battle the empire. The scope of the game has been expanded, you'll be able to make your own heroes out of spare parts and Chewbacca can rip the arms off stormtroopers, which never ceases to fascinate us.

Addicted to blocks? We build on this story,here.


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