Best of E3 06: PlayStation 2

God of War II

Publisher: SCEA
Developer: SCE Santa Monica
Release Date: Feb. 2007

If you need assurance that Sony won't abandon the PS2 after the PS3 launches, look no further than God of War II. The short level cobbled together for E3 hit all the right notes, from the opening where Kratos plummets about 30,000 feet and lands unharmed to his acquisition of the Golden Fleece.

In between, we were able to pull all three of the heads off demon-dog Cerberus, climb up a few giant Cyclopes and tug out their eyes, stab bat-winged creatures to death and rip zombies in half like phone books. All that was in addition to the endlessly fun chain-whip combos we were able to bust out and the varied, rapid-fire puzzles we had to solve. And on top of that, the game looks absolutely phenomenal, with fluid animation and extreme attention to detail. We know it's not an imaginative pick, but this is absolutely the best thing we saw on the PS2.

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