The 25 best movies on Netflix you can stream right now

15. Byzantium (2013)

Region: US 

The film: Somehow this cracking vampire drama slipped under the radar when it hit cinemas back in 2013. Neil Jordan, yes, he of Interview with the Vampire fame, directs this unusual riff on blood-sucker lore. Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan star as a mother and daughter duo working their way through history until the wind up in an English coastal town.  

Why it's worth watching: The spins on vampiric mythology are refreshing. As is watching Arterton tear apart her victims and bathe in their crimson geysers!   

14. Nightcrawler (2014)  

Region: US 

The movie: The dark seedy underbelly of Los Angeles' crime world is explored in Dan Gilroy's frankly terrifying black comedy. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a petty thief-turned-wannabe crime videographer, Louis Bloom. He's a peculiar sort who'll do whatever it takes to become a hit, whether he's breaking into people's home to shoot footage of bloody murders before the police arrive, or bribing networks.   

Why it's worth watching: Gilroy's directorial debut is much more than the trailers let on. Sure, it's a grim thriller, but it's also very funny and packed with insane twists. Gyllenhaal gives a haunting and creepy performance.  

13. Into the Wild (2007)

Region: UK

The film: Everyone dreams about jacking in the 9-5 and living a life of adventure. Christopher McCandless actually did it. The movie is based on the Jon Krakauer book chronicling the young American's journey from an affluent lifestyle to a threadbare, idealistic life on the road.  

Why it's worth watching: Emile Hirsch is superb as McCandless, going all out to convey the vast changes as the young lad found himself in dire straits. The entire thing is beautifully soundtracked by a score composed by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder.  

12. The Prestige (2006)

Region: US

The movie: It's the turn of the 20th century and magic is all the rage, illusionists cropping up at every party showing off their seance skills. The Prestige is Christopher Nolan's take on those masters of trickery, a drama that stars Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman as rival magicians in Victorian London. Once friends, a stage trick that goes tragically awry turns them into bitter enemies. 

Why it's worth watching: The moody, grimy world of Victorian magic is brought rather beautifully to life, and you'll be enchanted by all the trickery that takes place. But the real sleight of hand comes with the movie's killer twist. It's Nolan who's the real magician here. 

11. Fight Club (1999)

Region: UK 

The film: Take one of the edgiest directors, and up-and-coming author, and two of the biggest movie stars of the day and whaddya get? A box office flop, that's what. Fight Club missed out on making big bucks during its theatrical run, a result of its uber-violent fight sequences. But isn't it always the best cult flicks that find a true audience on home video? 

Why it's worth watching: Pitt, Norton, Fincher, all at the top of their game, delivering a generational satire-thriller that's pretty much in a league of its own.  

10. The Warriors (1979) 

Region: UK

The film: Walter Hill's bleak vision of the future plays as the ideal setting for gang warfare in New York. Based on the novel by Sol Yurick, a simple story of opposing views come to a head when the gangs of Coney Island find themselves tasked with taking out The Warriors.

Why it's worth watching: One of those timeless cult favorites that was slated upon release, it deserves a watch for the understated cinematography and the staggering set pieces. A real gem. 

9. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Region: US 

The film: The Avengers are split in two when the government pokes its nose into all the city-destroying fun. When the superhero registration act is introduced, Cap rebels against authority - very un-Cap of him - and Tony goes along with it. Never has Marvel's big screen action been so thrilling, or emotional.  

Why it's worth watching: This ain't your typical MCU flick. The stakes are raised, lives are on the line, and there's one revelatory moment that leads to the best fight scene so far in the franchise. Oh yeah, and Spider-Man's entrance. 

8. The Sixth Sense (1999)

Region: US

The film: "I see dead people." That's the line everyone remembers from The Sixth Sense, and, that one iconic line kinda sums up the film. Cole (Haley Joel Osment) is a sensitive kid who indeed does see ghosts. His mom (Toni Collette) sends him to see a therapist Malcolm (Bruce Willis) to help with his visions and social anxieties, all the while his experiences with the dead continue to grow more violent...

Why it's worth watching: This is the reason everyone pays attention with Shyamalan releases a new movie. The Sixth Sense set the standard high and I'm not even talking about the twist. It packs in a raft of creepy moments, making it one of the most chilling flicks ever made, and somehow also manages to be a massive tearjerker at the same time. Toni Collette's last scene? Try not to blub. 

7. Kung Fury (2015)

Region: UK, US 

The film: In a nutshell, a Miami cop is given extraordinary kung fu skills after getting bitten by a snake, and then fights rogue arcade machines and travels through time to kill Hitler with the help of his partner, a triceratops. Called Triceracop. 

Why it's worth watching: A Kickstarter campaign allowed this deliberately pastiche mash-up masterpiece into existence. It's hard to accurately describe David Sandberg's thirty-minute tribute to eighties actioners because it defies categorisation. But who cares about labels when characters dish out lines like "With the right computer algorithms, I can hack you back in time!" You're already watching it, aren't you? 

6. It Follows (2015)

Region: UK, US  

The movie: There's been a resurgence in John Carpenter throwback movies recently, and It Follows certainly has more than a whiff of Johnny C about it. Maika Monroe stars as a teen who contracts a disease after sleeping with a guy. The kicker? The "disease" is actually a figure "it" which.... yep, you guessed it, "follows" you. Then kills you.

Why it's worth watching: With cinematography and editing that make you feel you're watching some remixed '70s slasher, it's got to be the score. Synth-heavy and pounding, it's like taking a trip back through time.