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  • Cyberninja 3 hours ago

    Yeah no, your list was fine before now I just look at and laugh, GR you opened up this very article with it old GR is dead and I don't think its for the best .
  • Cyberninja 3 hours ago

    Actually scratch that, thinking it over my issue comes from the fact that you named this best games ever when its clearly just the best 100 games to play now. Those are two entirely different things the last list was a much better celebration of all things video gaming while this is more of a here and now type piece, But that's just my two cents. Also number 1 should be something a lot more inviting to all types of players, Dark Souls might be enjoyable for some but its not a game that everyone will enjoy and get invested in, I played some of it and didn't get sucked in and found it kinda meh overall
  • Turbonutter 8 hours ago

    Well... at least Portal wasn't in the #1 spot. While I agree with a lot of the titles on this list being top 100, the order they're in is, well, out of order. Completely.
  • CHECK_MINUSS 8 hours ago

    I like how the virus in The Last Of Us is real, except it only exists in the insect world. I say major props for doing a real virus not a made up one.
  • NickFury90 8 hours ago

    Destiny lmaoooooooo
  • PrinceofOmen 9 hours ago

    eeeeh, I dont really agree with this list at all, but hey its not mine so whatever
  • yoshi-wall 9 hours ago

    Chrono Trigger and Portal 2 fell to Bayonetta, Skyrim, COD MW and Friggin' Minecraft? And Red Dead Redemtion and GTA 5 beat BioShock, Ocarina and Elder Scrolls? Seriously, you guys have a serious Rockstar boner. But worst of all is the fact that Zelda lost to Dark Souls. Look, Dark Souls isn't in any way more "Mature" than Zelda. I've seen better lists from 6 year old trolls on youtube.
  • shaun-buster-macey 10 hours ago

    Destiny is on this list, yeah... you've lost credibility.
  • tepidfaith 10 hours ago

    Wow what a refreshing list. No 7 games from one series Type of bs here. I love it. And my favorite game of all time made the number 1 spot. Cant believe it. Totally deserving. Fantastic.
  • sephex 12 hours ago

    " most densely-populated and detailed open-world of all time" What? Red Dead Redemption? It's empty as hell! Did we play the same game?
  • Alex032691 7 hours ago

    Read the beginning again, he was talking about GTA V.
  • sephex 12 hours ago

    "This is the Empire Strikes Back of the Mass Effect series; the dark middle-child with amazing narrative depth, a host of great characters" I don't agree. Empire Strikes Back of the series is the third one. It's the darkest grittiest, most realistic one. The second one is more of the same of the first one, aka Return of The Jedi.
  • Le_Mental 13 hours ago

    Ocarina of Time...
  • prencess-popoto 14 hours ago

    Ummmmm I know sometimes try not to be "obvious" and I respect and agree with FF6 abd FF10 being here but.... FF7 OBVIOUSLY should not have been excluded.... That is saying FF7 is in not a top 100 game??????? LOL!!!
  • Relayer71 14 hours ago

    It was a great game for its time but it has aged poorly compared to other FF games, even older ones and if you're going to add FF7 then you should definitely add FF IV, IX and XII which are better games in many ways. FF7 has a place in most important games of all time, but best? Too many great games exist which are much better, not to mention JRPGs. I think a remake with much improved writing would definitely be a contender, though.
  • prencess-popoto 14 hours ago

    I just don't agreee with aged poorly thing that some ppl put out there and while I agree that those othersshould be included, 7 did so much it should be on the list. Ff9 is technically abetter game overall and 10 over 9??
  • Relayer71 14 hours ago

    Oops, meant instead of FFX. Definitely a ballsy list.
  • Relayer71 14 hours ago

    So refreshing to see a list: - Without FF7 - With Chrono Trigger NOT in the top 10 - With Wind Waker Surprised at the #1 pick and that Skyrim wasn't in the top 10. Disappointed that Super Metroid and Castlevania SoTN are so low. Final Fantasy IX or XII should have made the list instead of 12. Phantasy Star II or IV should have made the list as well.
  • londonbailey 15 hours ago

    I've been playing videogames since 1980 and have played (and enjoyed) almost every game on this list. I might disagree here and there with the positioning of some titles, and I certainly disagree with some notable exclusion (Half Life, for freek's sake), but there's one thing the list gets perfectly right, Dark Souls is simply the greatest videogame ever made. Come on Bloodborne, the challenge is on!