• Naugi - December 9, 2014 6:54 a.m.

    So you gave it to Destiny based on what? A review that was probably based on a week or two of gameplay? Must have been, because Destiny = vast is just laughable. Vast! VAST?!! Do you know what vast means, have you played Destiny??! LOL Also 'endlessly satisfying' ?? Are you INSANE? Destiny is famous for having driven every devoted fan to tears of boredom after having to repeat the same content over and over and over. Quotes like 'Continues to expand and evolve' and 'new economies appear' just continue the madness. What game are you talking about? Destiny has a 12 hour campaign that never evolves and has the same economies at level 1 as it does at level 30, and the content has never changed. 'whole new ways of perceiving and interacting with its universe' Hahahaha. Stop it. Please. Crazy.
  • squander - December 9, 2014 12:09 p.m.

    with all due respect - one may think of Destiny whatever he or she wants BUT Gamesradar tested this game longer and more thorough than any other site I know. Do some research and you hardly find any aspects that speak against it - GR documented Destiny's development in form of a diary many months before the game actually came out. And one more thing: pointing your finger at someone and call him or her crazy/insane (with capital letters) just because his words do not align with your own reality is just utterly weak and disrespectful.
  • Naugi - December 9, 2014 2:18 p.m.

    Oh go and white knight somewhere else please, I can be of the opinion that something stated is crazy without having to write a letter of apology to anyone with hurt feelings. If that's the worst thing you've seen people say about each other on the internet you haven't been online anywhere near enough. Development and the pre-game hype that came with it have nothing to do with the finished product which was pretty much universally hailed as a giant dissapointment. Every said in praise of Destiny in their number 1 spot blurb could have come straight from the marketing team at Bungie. Just embarrassing.
  • squander - December 9, 2014 3:40 p.m.

    The dark knight gets the girls - you win :) However, I bestow you the possibility to apologize to GR in a proper manner (a LoA suits just fine ;) -> GR covered everything from the games Pre-Alpha to the finished product until the level 30 cap. That's why I was actually replying to your post, because the statement "A review that was probably based on a week or two of gameplay?" is just false. I haven't seen another quality gaming-site that put that cared that much about Destiny. The quality of the game itself is of course another story... cheerio, white knight out
  • GR_AndyHartup - December 10, 2014 1:29 a.m.

    Comment removed from this thread. Debate is fine. Personal abuse (between readers and readers, or readers and staff) will not be tolerated. Thank-you, gentlemen - as you were!
  • Jacko415 - December 12, 2014 11:30 p.m.

    Know whats just icing on the cake? They let the staff member that was MOST hyped for the game, review it. If that doesn't scream bias, i dont know what does.
  • danshepard - December 9, 2014 4:32 a.m.

    Destiny? DESTINY? complete and utter nonsense. the most overrated game i think ive ever played. an empty hollow story, woefully unbalanced PvP and endless grinding....shite Gamesradar. SHITE!
  • ollyn - December 9, 2014 3:23 a.m.

    I liked Destiny but it was a bit of a throw away experience for me, whilst playing it I enjoyed it. But thinking back to it there wasn't a single memorable moment in the entire game, it was all just good nothing particularly great. Destiny probably would make my top 10 but largely because I've only played 11 games this year so t's not really saying a lot. South Park, Alien Isolation, CoD Advanced Warfare are probably my top 3 won't put an order as they were all good for very different reasons.
  • GenderBender_9000 - December 9, 2014 2:10 a.m.

  • Ghostwriter - December 9, 2014 1:51 a.m.

    Surprised Sunset Overdrive didn't make it in there. Great fun to play, not a sequel, gorgeous looking and one of the few AAA titles to work day one (I'm looking at you Unity, Halo & Driveclub)
  • universaltofu - December 9, 2014 10:35 p.m.

    They gave it a 'great' rating, the only complaints were that the gunplay wasn't as satisfying as the smooth and stylish mobility. As an exclusive it makes for a must have if you own an Xbox One. While it could fit on this list, there were another couple dozen that could fit in just the same, and they might give it mention for their platinum chalice awards.
  • Jake-H - December 9, 2014 12:13 a.m.

    What about THE CREW? I know its late but the game is pretty damn good.
  • Vonter - December 8, 2014 11:53 p.m.

    This year was so-so, a bit safe, a bit disappointing, and mainly stitch together by small moments of wonder. My game of the year is Mario Kart 8, I keep on playing it, visually feels new since it does feel more like a jump than Mario Kart Wii, online did work and was above the barebone implementation Nintendo usually puts. Above all is a really well put game and I'm glad it'll have additional content next year. In regards to indies I put close to my heart both Shovel Knight and Child of Light, since both were full of charm and wonder. I liked the fairytale type of story in Child of Light, the diversity of party (although I wished several had more development, especially the lizard girl near the end). From Shovel Knight I think it's one of the best attempts at making a retro looking game, taking great care, in challenge, creativity, replayability and above all a very charming cast. Like with the best Nintendo games, it does a lot with less, and it ends up coming together as a very passionate project. The disappointments.... where do I start... you know what, I just list them and bottom line it's pros and cons. Some of these games aren't from this year. Castlevania LoS2 - The castle section was solid and interesting, the present section felt unfocused and lazy, it has the lamiest version of Satan I've ever seen, and the no ending closure it's mind boggling and stupid. Gone Home - My first Steam buy had an interesting idea, atmosphere and unconventional plot for a videogame. Still I don't like how you have little to no control of the events that transpire in this game, in a book or a film I understand the audience it's more of an spectator and it's participation is mainly into reacting to what happens in the story, but I don't feel like this game took advantage of the medium to tell it's story, since aside from unlocking locks there isn't much participation of the player. And also I didn't felt an ending more than the story stopped. Guacamelee: TurboChampionship edition - The art is good, I personally like to see the folklore of my country be presented in a videogame, the platforming challenges were standouts. Still the game felt tedious, much of the story drags at a slug pace with characters coming and going before really interacting or fighting each other. The sidequests didn't felt very rewarding, and the combat IMO got too complicated and not in the sense of it being challenging more like tedious exercise that keep me from fighting in the later sections. Also for a Metroidvania it felt very linear. The other disappointments I mainly take word of what I've read, Titanfall, Watch_Dogs, Destiny, really show how hype drives the game blockbuster, and still fall down in it's face. I can see them redeeming themselves with sequels that ditch the bad and focus on what worked, but I can only hope they truly try to elevate the medium in some way, since from the sounds of it, most of them step back in what they were promising was going to revolutionize the medium. Online focus, reinventing the conventions of the shooter, and making more interesting stories. I expect 2015 will blow 2014 out of the water, since it was kind of an underwhelming year. With the next gen consoles starting to bring new next gen experiences like the Order, Bloodborne, Rime... and conclusions to franchises like the Witcher, Batman Arkham, and MGSV. And Nintendo trying new stuff with Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and their reinvention of Star Fox. I hope games will deliver more on their promises.
  • Jacko415 - December 8, 2014 10:44 p.m.

    Wow i just lost ALL of my respect for GRs opinions, granted I never agree on your GOTY but REALLY?! DESTINY! A game built on promises? A game that MIGHT be worth it by the end of NEXT FUCKING YEAR? Where as you put DS2 on number 7, you know, that COMPLETE game full of content and replay value and damn near perfect combat and rpg systems, coupled with an unparalleled sense of reward? Nice. Looks like GR is only worth a couple funny articles here and there, these days. OH! And i REALLY hope it's just a coincidence that you have a big Destiny ad plastered all over the site right now.
  • Snakebite420 - December 9, 2014 1:03 a.m.

    OMG yes^ I had felt the same way reading this. Destiny should never have been released when it did. Horrible. lost all repect for them. False promises is right.
  • GOD - December 8, 2014 10:35 p.m.

    I'm usually the guy who wants to tell the comments section to calm down in these articles.... but come on. Destiny at 1 but Dark Souls II at 7? I won't rage at a list of things but..... I'm very much not in agreement with this. Destiny is a good game, and sure it belongs on this list, but it suffers from a lack of content and really is not all that different from previous sci-fi shooters. People who you don't know being in the overarching map area makes it like an mmo, but beyond that it's a pretty standard co-op shooter. Heck the online co-op mode in Resistance 2 had this a generation ago, with 8 people for all missions, more unique roles with the only thing missing being weapon and armor loot drops. It may not look as good as Destiny, but if they made that same mode of Resistance 2 now as it's own game, it would actually be superior to Destiny. The entire slide for Destiny (minus the loot perks) describes things that Resistance 2 co-op did on consoles 6 years ago. It even had more depth to it's co-op because you had actually mmo styled roles rather than an organized shooting squad with different colored grenades that is Destiny. It's not ground breaking in the least. It's just new and shiny with a massive PR campaign. Meanwhile Dark Souls II, the game GR gave a 9 with only a single negative, is relegated to 7th. It has a huge amount of content, an online system that is completely unique to the Souls series that is the best it's ever been (unlike Destiny's typical co-op shooter missions), the game itself is a wonderfully complete package, extremely satisfying gameplay, tons of replayability although you could play for over a hundred hours without going into NG+, and what DLC there is is very substantial without invalidating the main game's ending. Maybe if Destiny had come out with more content or a more fleshed out story at launch I would think better of it, but at this point it's a waiting game for expansions to give it the longevity and staying power that a game like Dark Souls II launched with. I'm guessing that more likely most people at GR haven't played Dark Souls II and so even though it was rated high, there were more people in the office to vouch for Destiny. Saddens me nonetheless. And seriously, if anyone at GR is reading this, look up what I said about Resistance 2 co-op. It really did do this better 6 years ago with 8 people and just no Borderlands loot.
  • universaltofu - December 9, 2014 1:37 a.m.

    I loved Dark Souls 2, but it didn't resonate the same way the first did. There were too many multi bosses / mobs, for a combat system suited for one v one this doesn't work. The world doesn't fit together logically (inconsistent geography) or thematically, most places are dead ends with an abundant amount of bonfires. Healing is less significant. Complete but confused, replay that is railroaded. Even the story, Dark Souls did more with less and was better for it. That said, the ranking doesn't mean much, or at least considering where the ranking is coming from, it is not the significant distinction it is being made out to be. It was already the game of March, they made a bunch of weekly videos leading up to it along with guides after it came out. They haven't relegated anything.
  • GOD - December 9, 2014 3:46 a.m.

    To me it felt very much like sequel to the first Dark Souls, but in the style of Demon Souls, and I was totally up for that. I'm not sure what geography things you're referring to, unless you mean in relation to Dark Souls I geography. I didn't really find issue with multiple enemies and the combat, as it made me have to keep myself from getting greedy and focusing too much on a single enemy that I could easily beat. I did the Elana the Squalid King fight solo and enjoyed the hell out of it because I had to balance dodging her ranged attacks and teleports while fighting her summons up close. Admittedly I never played DSI but even if I were to find it better it wouldn't take away from how great DS II was to me. Why make a ranking unless you mean to say one is higher than another? If it were my ranking DSII would be probably number one, and Destiny certainly would not. Even Smash Bros feels far more deserving to me.
  • universaltofu - December 9, 2014 1:12 p.m.

    The first Dark Souls was just more organically laid out, places interconnected with each other and in a metroidvania sort of way you always find new shortcuts for getting around. The combat is great, but the encounters are sloppy. Take the turtle back guys, they can and will track and face you like almost anything else even though they have a built in defense and counter in case you get behind them. The mobs just made things more of a hassle rather than more interesting. That would be a unique perspective to have if you were to go back and play the first one, how might it impact you, what you might take away from its design. I see it less : This game >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This other game, more Thisgamethisgamethisgameoohandthisgame. They are all nearly equal between their good reviews, monthly honors, and other write ups. They are putting a bit more emphasis on the top five with additional articles, but they aren't selling any game short here. I don't feel you can quantify 'deserved' here, but yeah, Dark Souls 2 is still great.
  • pl4y4h - December 8, 2014 9:53 p.m.

    With Destiny at #1, you guys aren't looking to make too many friends in the comments section lol
  • universaltofu - December 8, 2014 8:38 p.m.

    Beyond these 25, some other great games recognized on this site this year have been : Transistor, Broken Age, Banner Saga, Jazzpunk, Watch Dogs, Super Time Force, Strider, Trials Fusion, Tropico 5, Toybox Turbos, Pes 2015, Ultimate NES Remix, Sunset Overdrive, Civilization Beyond Earth, Fantasia Music Evolved, Borderlands PreSequel, Forza Horizon 2, Murasaki Baby, Theaterythm, Madden, Tomadochi Life, 1001 Spikes, Luftrausers, Sportsfriends, Mario Golf, etc. So of the 150 or so games reviewed this year by this site, more than a third of them are recommended as great or better (including remakes/next gen ports). But there's more to play than that, looking at the '7/10's you get even more great games like : Octodad, Garden Warfare, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, Bound By Flame, Valiant Hearts, Hohokum, The Evil Within, Persona Q. Then there are games that of went without official review : Street Fighter IV Ultra, Nidhogg, Goat Simulator, Persona Arena Ultimax, This War of Mine, I am Bread, Tetris Ultimate, Wasteland 2, P.T. This is quite consistent with the list they put up, just as with every list, the order is not so much declarative as it is confessionary. Shovel Knight isn't 'low' because it isn't as good as the others, just as Destiny isn't first for being way better than everything else. If you want the metacritic rank it's : Smash Bros, Dark Souls 2, Bayonetta 2, Shovel Knight, Dragon Age Inquisition, everything else, then Destiny with a 76 (which even then is higher than certain individuals would rate it).
  • napalmer15 - December 8, 2014 8:15 p.m.

    Can someone please explain to me what I am missing from Destiny? Yeah I played the campaign and the ok multiplayer, but I just felt like the game had no soul. The story was a hogwash of cliches and obscure language "ohh darkness", and it just felt like the game spoke a whole lot while actually said next to nothing. And I did indeed read all of the "hidden" lore on the bungie website that people hold up as the basis for the story. I left unconvinced that my $60 was well spent. On the other hand, dragon age inquisition wins my vote for goty hands down. Iv'e spent over 100 hours already in game, and it is still a ton of fun.
  • kijib-kijin - December 8, 2014 6:56 p.m.

    DESTINY? r u serious
  • shawksta - December 8, 2014 6:12 p.m.

    Out of the games i actually managed to play this year: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Smash Bros 4 as a whole(both 3DS and Wii U combined), Bayonetta 2 were my personal favorites. Shovelknight deserves the praise it gets and i respect it greatly, its awesome, but something about Tropical Freeze is just amazing, its not just being DKC and being a difficult platformer. The Atmosphere, the level design, the MUSIC by the original David Wise, makes this game really engaging and fun to look, listen and play on. DKCR succeeded in basically being "HEY, ITS DKC AGAIN", but Tropical Freeze tips that game over as an actual DKC game that does its own stuff. The Vikings are awesome, all the attention to detail is amazing and oddly enough, despite how much people say Co-op isnt worth it, me and my brother played the game together and enjoyed it awesomely. PvZ:GW is pretty much that funny surprisingly awesome game to play, it transitions into its class based style gameplay smoothly and keeping all the humor and detail from the series greatly in check. It was honestly the only Xbone game i even played this year till me and my brother switched it to finish our 360 backlog. Its a game that when you saw it the first time your reaction is "What the......oh god i want this so bad" and funny enough, Splatoon got my same reaction. Cant wait for the Platinum Chalice :P

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