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  • yaswanth - September 20, 2012 11:20 a.m.

    I liked naruto games most then dragon ball z games.
  • bass88 - September 20, 2012 11:51 a.m.

    Ghost In The Shell on PS1 was a short but sweet game. It was kind of like Twisted Metal but you controlled a Fuchikoma. Pounding soundtrack as well.
  • Tom_Goulter - September 20, 2012 3:52 p.m.

    Another one that hovered around the periphery of the list, begging for inclusion. It didn't make the cut but you're right, it was a little gem with some bangin' choons.
  • FoxdenRacing - September 20, 2012 12:22 p.m.

    I'd also suggest Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune [2 is arguably a lot better] as an honorable mention. Utilizing the same save-game card system as Initial D and based on an anime that predates Initial D by a good 5 years, it serves as the Mr. Hyde to Initial D's Dr. Jekyll. Rather than being set in sleepy, empty, and narrow mountain passes, Wangan Midnight takes place on the titular highways ringing Tokyo...wide, high-speed races full of other cars. Gameplay-wise, it's very reminiscent of the battles themselves in the Tokyo Extreme Racer series of games, but without the random start point and life bars. The progression system is much better than the one in Initial D; at each 'level up', the player is given the choice of a speed or a handling upgrade, and once 'basic tuning' is complete [halfway up each bar], any excess points can be reassigned at set points of the game. The final thing making Maximum Tune noteworthy is that it sports a full-functional, 6-speed H-pattern shifter rather than the more traditional 'up/down' of arcade machines. It also has a more video-game attitude for its presentation; including multi-part battles [the final race is nearly 50km said and done, covering every inch of road in the game], a 'pass a car to earn more time' mode, and the like.
  • FoxdenRacing - September 20, 2012 12:23 p.m.

    Rather, the Manga [comic book form] predates Initial D's Manga by 5 years; I'm not certain on the animated versions.
  • TwinHallow - September 20, 2012 12:26 p.m.

    I have no idea how did you not put Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 over Broken Bonds it is like the best Naruto game ever made.....just sayin
  • TwinHallow - September 20, 2012 12:30 p.m.

    It was like actually being in the Anime when playing the story mode.....
  • EYE8URBRAINS - September 23, 2012 6:30 p.m.

    I wholeheartedly agree.
  • RandomShadow44 - September 20, 2012 1:27 p.m.

    Yea, the ultimate ninja series in general is amazing.
  • JMarsella09 - September 20, 2012 12:33 p.m.

    I was thinking Jo Jo's until I saw the U.N. Squadron post. I had not clue that was a manga.
  • RandomShadow44 - September 20, 2012 1:31 p.m.

    I loved DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 simply for it's vast roster of characters and there are many Naruto games that are immensely better than the one you stated.
  • J-Fid - September 20, 2012 4:42 p.m.

    That's why I think DBZ BT3 is better than Budokai 3. It is the ultimate fan service, and it plays well.
  • Aberrat - September 20, 2012 2:59 p.m.

    It's also "Sword of Berserk: Gut's Rage" for Dreamcast and "One Piece Advance" for GBA. Both games are very close to it's original manga and Berserk is awesome in my opinion.
  • AshLynx - September 20, 2012 3:07 p.m.

    Yay, Astro Boy! Still one of my favorite GBA games, and the reason why I now own all of the Tezuka manga published in English thus far! It's not just a good game, it's a celebration of all things Tezuka! One of Kingdom Heart's ad lines was "you never know who you will run into next" (or something like that), but that line really belongs on this game imo. And rather than assume you know them, you could check the compendium for a quick and useful bio!
  • taokaka - September 20, 2012 3:12 p.m.

    I love the games based off of bleach and dark souls is probably my favourite just over soul ressuricion. I suppose digimon is invalid from being on the list because it first was a tamagotchi and the anime came after, it's a shame because it has had some pretty good games. Also surprised to not see any gundam games because I've heard that there are quite a few good games based on gundam.
  • Tom_Goulter - September 20, 2012 3:50 p.m.

    The PSX and arcade ones veeerrrrry narrowly scraped off the bottom of the list. The main reason they were omitted was because the best-regarded ones never made it out of Japan.
  • antiAntag0nist - September 20, 2012 3:44 p.m.

    I'm glad to see that DBZ: Budokai 3 made it in the list over the Dragon Ball games. While I did enjoy Naruto: The Broken Bond, Ultimate Ninja 3 for the PS2 is my favorite Naruto game so far (Sorry, the Storm games weren't as good in my opinion).
  • Acerlux - September 20, 2012 8:23 p.m.

    Its my solemn hope that one day a One Piece game is able to make a list like this. I can dream right? I just really want a great OP game.
  • KidKatana - September 21, 2012 2:43 a.m.

    I know right? Why is it so hard? They have the most awesome source material ever and the best they can come up with is Dynasty Warriors: Strawhat edition.
  • AndROOS - September 21, 2012 11:06 a.m.

    No room for Gigant Battle 1 or 2? Pretty solid fighter, big roster of characters, had a Western Release. Not the best game ever, probably the best One Piece game though. A great OP game anytime soon would be amazing.