Batman Begins review

Batman Begins feels more like work than fun. Look at Spider-Man 2 to see how superhero games should be done

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Available Platforms: DS, PSP, GameCube, Xbox, PS2

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  • Yar - September 3, 2009 8:46 p.m.

    I actually like this game quite a bit. Admittedly the hand-to-hand combat wasn't great, but everything else in the game is enjoyable. I like how the main criticism of this game is the way Batman scares his enemies into dropping their weapons. It's not the best concept, but it's carried out really well, with different ways to scare each group of enemies. I enjoyed this game more than Splinter Cell, which had a clumsier main character and visuals that were way too dark. I know it's 'realistic', but I should occasionally be able to walk around without those friggin' goggles, eh?

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