Available on: PC, Wii, PS2, GameCube

Barnyard Cheats, Codes & Guides

Barnyard Cheats

  • Cheats

    Entry location: At title screen hold down L and Z, then enter (while still holding the buttons)
    Y, X, A, B, B, A, X, Y - Unlock all Antics
    Y, B, A, X, X, A, B, Y - Unlock all bonus items
    A, A, X, X, X, X, Y, X - 9,999 Gopher Bucks
    A, A, Y, B, X, X, B, Y - Get all Knapsack and Flower pack items
    Submitted by Tommy
  • Cheats

    Entry location: In Game
    Hold C + Z on the Nunchuk, and enter codes with the directional pad on the remote.

    Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Left, Up, Left - 9999 Gopher Bucks
    Down, Down, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right, Up - All Flowers
    Submitted by None

Barnyard Hints

  • How to Make Cream

    Go into the barn find a tin can (a tall tin can) and press the X button. It should say (YOU'VE GOT MILK!). Then press the X button. Then tap the X button until the blue bar is full. Then it should say (YOU'VE GOT CREAM!).
    Submitted by cool boy 2
  • Secret Notes

    Entry location: Trees and Rocks
    If you see a rock/tree with a cross on it like 'x' go to it and press x. A note will come up. It will either be a recipe or note. It will tell you what you need to make a successful item. if its a note it will help you with the controls.
    Submitted by Bean aka SOPHIE

Barnyard Unlockables

  • Code unlocks

    Entry location: Press C + Z during gameplay
    Earn 9999 Gopher Bucks Down Down Left Left Left Left Up Left

    Earn all Flower Pack and Knapsack items Down Down Up Right Left Left Right Up

    Unlocks all Antics Up Left Down Right Right Down Left Up

    Unlocks all bonus items Up Right Down Left Left Down Right Up
    Submitted by GamesRadar

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More Info

Release date: Oct 12 2006 - PC
Nov 15 2006 - Wii
Aug 01 2006 - PS2, GameCube (US)
Oct 12 2006 - PC
Feb 09 2007 - Wii
Oct 12 2006 - PS2, GameCube (UK)
Available Platforms: PC, Wii, PS2, GameCube
Genre: Adventure
Published by: THQ
Developed by: Blue Tongue
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief