Back to the trenches

Developer Treyarch was pretty tight about what we could and couldn't see, even behind closed doors (Call of Duty 3 was not on the QuakeCon showfloor.)  After what seemed like forever, we reached a checkpoint consisting of some nearly blown-out buildings. There was a sniper in the second window that we just couldn't get a bead on, but no worries, knowing the cinematically dramatic Call of Duty series, surely some crazy event would help us out. Out of nowhere, a plane crashed into the tower, taking out that pesky sniper and throwing around debris and ash. There were still a few enemies left, but the awe of this scene gave us a new boost of confidence.

The demonstration ended there, but it was clear that Treyarch has improved on the franchise's already impeccable history. It’s an even bigger, grittier war when you’re fighting for the liberation of Paris in 1944, and this November, you’ll have your chance to enlist.


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