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  • Invincibility (God Mode)

    (This code was reported as invalid by our users. It may or may not work for you)

    You are invincible, however, this does not protect you against falling.

    Input the following code during gameplay. When entered correctly, you will hear a sound.

    Code: X -> black -> white -> right and left triggers together -> both stick buttons together
    Submitted by E-Rock
  • Level select/watch movies/change stats code

    Left and right thumbstick towards each other, left and right thumbstick away from each other, A, B, right thumbstick click, left thumbstick click.

    I haven't seen this code on any sites--got it from the guys at the official Azurik forum. I recommend that you only use this cheat if you find yourself stuck after saving in a bad place. Also, I should warn that you if you go to the movies portion and decide to watch one, it will repeat itself indefinitely and it will force you to restart the game or turn it off.
    Submitted by Nick
  • Full Elemantal Powers and Health

    Hold Left and rotate the Right Analog-stick from Right counter-clockwise to Right Analog-stick Left. Release Left, then press A, X. You can now restore your health and elemental power.
    Submitted by HEY-MAN-WANNABE
  • Save Game Anywhere, Anytime

    Input the following code during gameplay to save your game, rather than finding save points.

    The "Saving Game" screen will appear when entered correctly.

    Code: White -> D-Pad Up -> D-Pad Down -> A -> B -> right stick button.
    Submitted by E-Rock
  • Big Heads

    Press Right Analog-stick, press R, Down, Up, A. Sound confirms correct entry of code
    Submitted by zack beasley
  • Select View

    During gameplay press R, Down, Up, Down, Up, Click Right Analog Stick, Click Left Analog Stick. Sound heard if code entered correct. Use Left and Right analog sticks, L & R buttons & Dpad to select views. A removes elemental power display and Back will go to normal view
    Submitted by None
  • Select Lighting

    During gameplay press A, Click Right Analog Stick, B, Click Right Analog Stick, Click Left Analog Stick. Darker areas now are lighter. repeat code to remove.
    Submitted by None
  • Get Afro

    Press Down, Right, Black + White, click Right Analog-stick, click Left Analog-stick, press Left Analog-stick Right + Right Analog-stick Left, B, Y. Sound confirms correct entry of code
    Submitted by zack beasley
  • Break those color changing boulders for air diamonds

    In order to break those boulders folow along
    with the colors of those rings. Mix these elements with the colors you see.

    Submitted by Tim

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